Awa Maïga
(Côte d'Ivoire)

Awa Maïga has been a backing vocalist since the early 1980s. She can be heard on numerous albums by Salif Keita, Meiway, Papa Wemba, Cesaria Evora and many many others.
Halfway the 1990s, she started a solo career. She was mainly influenced by François Lougah, and her first album « Elouwo » was released, on which most tracks are in the popular afro-zouk genre.

On her second album, « Menage à trois », she experimented with zouglou music, together with zouglou band Les Poussins Chocs.

On her 2002 album, « On est ensemble », she goes further in exploring different musical styles, such as zouglou, fanfare, makossa and soukous, as well as more traditional influences from the region where her family came from (canton Tigou). On the album she has worked with Cameroonian Douleur, and people like Boni Gnahoré, Mario Canonge and Guy Wahi each composed a song on the album.

Born: 1964, in Abidjan
Style: afro-zouk, zouglou

Awa Maïga
Awa Maïga  


Title Year Label Remarks
Na Weli... 2006 X-POL Music
On est ensemble 2002 JPS Production CDJPS240 / X-Pol Music
Ménage à 3 1998 Déclic 846159-2
Elouwo 1996 Blue Silver 50545-2 Déclic Distribution

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