Douleur's career started in 1983, when his debut album was released with a black cover and just the word Douleur, no picture of the artist. Over the years, he revealed hardly anything more of his face, he preferred to let his music speak for itself. Of douala origin, Douleur started with makossa rhythms and ngosso blues, his lyrics are reflective. As he rarely appeared in shows, people wondered who he was.

After a couple of albums, he disappeared from the music scene in Cameroon discretely, only to resurface nearly 10 years later with the album « Fureur » (1997). His long silence was partly caused by his deception by producers who were not interested in his success and did little to promote his music. Although his latest albums received more media attention, his criticism toward African producers remains loud and clear.

So what happened? Alexandre Douala, as his real name is, was not a brilliant student, and already in secondary school, he was more interested in singing and composing than in studying his books. One of his school comrades happened to be Guy Lobé and together they composed their first songs. In 1981, hardly 20 years old, he went to Paris and after two years work he recorded his debut album produced by Toto Guillaume.

Since 1988, he stayed in Paris but left the music scene. He worked in factories just like thousands of other African immigrants until Aladji Touré convinced him finally to make a new start in music. After three albums, he can finally make a living in music and has plans to explore further the music of the sawa region (Douala and surrounding ethnical groups).

Born: 1957, as Alexandre Douala
Style: makossa, ngosso, essèwè, bolobo, ambassi-bey

Title Year Label Remarks
Nguila Moto - Lion Man 2012 Dipitalassou
Best of Douleur Vol.2 2004 Sonodisc
C'est Magique 2002 JPS Productions CDJPS193
Armageddon 2000 JPS Productions CDJPS60
Fureur 1997 TJR CDAT173
Benyengen Ba - Golden Collection Vol.2 1996 Production TN 604
Stop! (Best of Douleur) 1988 Tiger Sound Production TSP 01
Beneground 1988 Kanibal Records KL 8702 Distribution Sonodisc
Wake Up Africa 1986 Production TN 592
Nkumbele 1984 Production TN 589
Douleur 1983 Production TN 588

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