Guy Lobé (1959-2015)

Guy Lobé grew up in the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala. He started performing in school concerts, but started working at an insurance company. After a few years, he decided to turn to music again, and started playing in local bars. Besides singing, he learnt to play guitar, piano and bass. By 1984, he recorded a first album, produced by Aladji Touré, and the album was well received (cf. Afroriginal).

In 1986, he released his second album « Mon ami à moi », which was a huge hit Cameroon and beyond. Throughout the 1980s and most of the 1990s, he released an album practically every year, from « Solitude » (1987), « Union libre » (1988), « Coucou » (1989), « Malinga » (1990), and many others.

Guy Lobé was respected for writing lyrics and he penned songs for various artists, such as for Charlotte Mbango (« Konkai Makossa », 1988) and for Epée & Koum (« Soukoumakossa », 1990). He worked with many well-known artists (cf. Afroriginal).

Guy Lobé suffered a stroke in 2010, but he recovered and he started working on a world music album. His death in 2015 stopped these plans.

• Musicians on the album « Union libre » (1988):
Guy Lobé (lead vocal, vocal);
Rigo Star Bamundele (guitar);
Toguy (Toto Guillaume) (guitar);
Maika Munan (guitar);
Aladji Touré (bass);
Guy Bilong (drums);
Guy Bilong, Smith Haliar (percussion);
Justin Bowen Tchounou, Philipe Guez (keyboards);
Alain Hatot (saxophone);
Jacques Bolognesi (trombone);
Eric Giausserand (trumpet);
Charlotte Mbango, Ndedy Dibango, Sissi Dipoko (backing vocals).

Born: 27 January 1959 in Douala-Akwa
Died: 16 March 2015
Style: makossa

Guy Lobe
 Guy Lobé  

Discography *
Title Year Label Remarks
Obama 2009 Globe
C'est moi... Dieudonné 2007 JPS Production
Cocktail 2003 Sonima Album by Sergeo Polo & Guy Lobé
Moundj'am 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 201 CD
Bizness Man 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 134 CD
Douala - Paris 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 059 CD
O Ya Yo 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 025 CD
Sonandolo 1997 Tandem/Blue Silver 55048-2 CD
Dikalo 1996 Tandem/Blue Silver 55008-2 CD
Dix Ans, Vol. 2 1995 Tandem/Blue Silver 55007-2 Compilation CD
Dix Ans, Vol. 1 1995 Tandem/Blue Silver 55006-2 Compilation CD
Ambiances 1994 Sonodisc CD 72828 CD
Africa 1992 Sonodisc CD 91009 CD
Selele 1991 Sonodisc CD 49913 CD
Malinga 1990 GL 900507/ APC007 LP
Coucou 1989 TJR AT 080 LP
Union Libre 1988 Tougata TG 3304 LP
Solitude 1987 TJR AT 071 LP
Mon Amie A Moi 1986 TJR AT 068 LP
Nko Wanga / Esele Mba 1985 TJR AT 066 LP

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