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About this Site and Disclaimer

About this site

Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique is a personal, non-commercial web site intended to spread information about African music and musicians of African origin. Hereto, it is offering a large number of featured artist pages with biographical information and a discography. The objectives of the site are to inform and educate about music from a continent very rich in musical heritage and talent, but less so in production and promotion capacity as well as in exposure to media.

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Name of the site:
Musiques d'Afrique

URL: (under construction)

Site owner:
Frank Bessem
Legal Matters

1.  Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique is a personal, non-commercial web site intended to spread information about African music and musicians of African origin.

2.  Pictures of LP and CD sleeves are reproduced for promotional purposes and in order to enable music lovers to identify and recognise albums so that they can look for them in CD shops. Given the limited size and resolution of the sleeves, they are not intended to be printed out or used for other purposes than mentioned here above, nor to reproduce the artwork and photographs as a way to penalise the rightful owners of this artwork. Nevertheless, if anybody feels that his or her artwork has been used unrightfully, he or she is invited to contact the site owner on
   f b e s s e m [at] y a h o o . c o m.

3.  Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique does not condone illegal copying and downloading of music. The few audio files on this site are for promotional purposes only, and are either short excerpts, or are made available with permission of the artist or the artist's promotor. We encourage our readers to buy legal physical or digital copies of any work.

4.  Links to external sites are given for information purposes, but the site owner of Musiques d'Afrique can take no responsibility for the content, the quality nor the validity of the links and of the web sites to which they link. All external links open in a separate window to show that the content of the external links is not depending on Musiques d'Afrique.

5.  The selection of the artists or bands represented is based on a mix of personal preferences, opportunistic reasons and availablility of information.

6. Copyright of pictures is with the respective artists, copyright of textual content is with Frank Bessem.

19 February 2006 (updated 24 December 2017)

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