(Côte d'Ivoire)

The early nineties saw the rise of a new cosmopolitan dance music style in Abidjan, mainly introduced by Meiway. This new style, « Zoblazo », entered the dance floors in many African countries, and is characterized by a simple uptempo rhythm and high tech instrumentation. The chorus lines may seem a bit sweet for European ears, but Meiway's music guarantees a hell of a party!

Fréderic Ehui, as his real name is, didn't grow up in a family of professional musicians, but his father played accordeon in his spare time, and his mother sung in the church parish. When he was 9 years old, he started sing along in church as well. At college, he was part of a few school bands, and in 1978, one of those bands, Pace, won a first price at a song contest. He separated from the band right after discussions on how to divide the price they won, and Fréderic created his first own band.

In 1985 he arrived in Paris, where he created a new band, Défense d'Ivoire, but he worked at the same time at a gas station. With his savings and some help from a bank loan, he financed the recording of a first album « Ayibebou » in 1989, and it was an instant success in West Africa.

Over the following years, Meiway continued to release successful albums, where he further develops his Zoblazo style of music, inspired on traditions from his N'Zema tribe (also called Appolo), but also other rhythms from Côte d'Ivoire, from Ghana, pop, fanfare. His music is very dancable, and the lyrics are always relevant, be it on serious subjects or lighter subjects.

Born: 17 March 1962, as Fréderic-Désiré Ehui in Grand-Bassam
Style: Zoblazo


Title Year Label Remarks
Légende 2019 Meiway Organisation / Original Music
Illimitic 2016 Meiway Organisation / Musicast
Professeur (M23) 2012 Meiway Organisation / Lusafrica
M20 2010 Lusafrica
9ème Commandement (900% Zoblazo) 2006 X-POL Music
200 % Zoblazo 2006 Wedoo Music WMCD8 Re-issue of the 1992 album
Golgotha (800% Zoblazo) 2004 Lusafrica 46218-2
Le meilleur de Meiway 2003 Sono CDS 9114 Compilation
L'Eternel (700% Zoblazo) 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 158
Extraterrestre (600% Zoblazo) 1999 Lusafrica 36214-2
Best of... 1997 Sonodisc CD 88808 Compilation
Les Génies vous parlent (500 % Zoblazo) 1997 Lusafrica 26230-2
Appolo 95 (400 % Zoblazo) 1995 Sonodisc CD 80001
Jamais 203 (300 % Zoblazo) 1993 Sonodisc CD 69191
200 % Zoblazo 1992 Sonodisc CD 5501
Ayibebou 1989 LP EF47301 CD release Sonodisc 1993 (CD 67373)
Albums by Zo Gang (featuring Meiway):
Le Procès 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 084
Hold Up 1998 Lusafrica 26274

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