Positive Black Soul

Positive Black Soul (PBS) is one of the first rap and hip hop outfits from Africa that had signed a contract for an important European label. In 1994, they already worked with Baaba Maal, who was under contract by the same label. Since then, PBS released several cassettes in Senegal, but due to contract problems they were not available in the rest of the world. It lasted until 2001 before a second CD album was released world wide.

The popularity of hip hop in the whole of Africa is considerable, and especially in Senegal, there are numerous groups. Besides Positive Black Soul, Daara-J and Pee-Froiss are the most famous bands, but other bands, such as Bideew Bou Bess and Djoloff have also released albums outside of Senegal.

In 2002, Didier Awadi released a solo album « Kaddu Gor ». It would eventually mean the end of PBS. Awadi created his own group called PBS Radikal with whom he recorded a new album « Un autre monde est possible » which was released internationally in 2005.

Doug E. Tee, or Duggy Tee started promoting other musicians but continued to write songs, and he released two solo albums, « Ngëm » (2005), and « Fit » (2009).
In 2014, Positive Black Soul reformed again and came back with a new album.

Positive Black Soul  

Positive Black Soul:
Didier Awadi
Doug E. Tee (Amadou Barry)

Created: August 1989, in Dakar by Didier Awadi and Doug E. Tee
Style: hiphop, rap, soul

Title Year Label Remarks
25 Years 2014 Studio Sankara
New York-Paris-Dakar 2003 Africa Fête/ Night & Day 533098 CD re-issue
Run Cool 2001 Palmtree Records CD
Wakh Feign 1998 Africa Fête Cassette
New York-Paris-Dakar 1997 Africa Fête Cassette
Daw Thiow 1996 Africa Fête Cassette
Salaam 1995 Mango CD 524185-2
Boul Fale Boul Bess 1995 Cassette
Boul Fale 1994 Cassette

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