Tidiane & le Dieuf Dieul

The Tidiane & le Dieuf Dieul is a product of a merger between two Senegalese bands, Takku and Symphonie. With lead singer Tidiane Gaye, they are part of the promising new generation of musicians in Senegal following the generation of famous singers such as Youssou N'Dour, Baaba Maal or Thione Seck.

Although initially inspired by classical music, they now turned towards mbalax music. To witness their musical experience, Tidiane et les Dieuf Dieul recorded three songs with Sénémandingue, and with jazz musicians David Murray, Robert Irving, and Jamaaladeen Tacuma in 1996.

The album « Salimata » is their first international CD release and has been well received by critics.

Note: there has been another band bearing the name Dieuf Dieul de Thiès, active from 1978 till 1983, of which songs were reissued by the label Teranga Beat. They reformed after the success of this release in 2015. This is a distinct band.

Tidiane & le Dieuf Dieul
Tidiane & le Dieuf Dieul  
• Dieuf Dieul:
Tidiane Gaye: vocals;
Assane Diop: guitar, xalam;
Abdou Karim Mané: bass;
Ousseynou Diop: drums;
Moussa Sene: percussion;
Gniancou Sembene: keyboards;
Abdoulaye N'Diaye: sax.

cassette inlay 'Waxonalako'  
Formed: in December 1994 by putting together two bands, Takku and Symphonie
Style: Afro-Jazz, Mbalax

Title Year Label Remarks
Salimata 2001 Justin Time Records JUS0000139-2
Waxonalako 1997 Africa Fête Cassette

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