Mirage Supersonic

Mirage Supersonic is part of a new generation of Congolese singers who try to honour the Congolese rumba as opposed to the more noisy exponents of present day Congolese music. Mirage started singing as a teenager in school bands such as Collège Horizons. Later, when he became a professional singer, he was part of Lebou Kabouya's Quartier Latin Intégral from 2001.

In 2003, he joined Alain Mpela's band Génération A, but his most important career switch occurred when he became one of the solo singers of Koffi Olomide's Quartier Latin, next to co-singers Fally Ipupa, Ferré Gola, Soleil Wanga and others. He was part of Quartier Latin from 2004 until 2006.

In 2006, he worked with Ferré Gola on his first solo album « Sens interdit », but he started also to work on his own solo project and the following year he released his debut album « Figure de Style ». The album was quite successful and even Koffi Olomide congratulated him for making this album, which contains the popular song « Mon bébé » and a reprise of a Tabu Ley song « Fétiche ». A year later, Mirage featured on Bouro Mpela's album « Vice de procédure » (on the song « Regret d'amour »), and in 2012, he released a second album « Arrêtes-moi si tu peux » (Stop Me If You Can).

Mirage Supersonic
Mirage Supersonic

Style: modern Congolese music / rumba

Title Year Label Remarks
Arrêtes-moi si tu peux 2012 Grande House Music
Figure de Style 2007 Esselta ESS2071

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