Koffi Olomide

Koffi Olomide, although born in Kisangani, grew up in Kinshasa where he was exposed to the music of Tabu Ley Rochereau of whom he was a huge admirer. He had the opportunity to study physics in Bordeaux but his passion for music remained. During summer holidays when he was in Kinshasa, he recorded his first songs in the Veve studios and he composed songs for other artists. He also worked with Zaiko Langa Langa and Viva la Musica.

In 1983 he recorded « Ngounda » in Belgium and this was his first success in his own name. In 1986, he created Quartier Latin, the group which is still surrounding Koffi, although not with the original band members. At several occasions, members left after artistic differences and disputes about money. One of those defections lead to the creation of Quartier Latin Academia in the late 1990s.

Around 1992, his stardom has risen beyond Congo and even beyond Africa. Koffi was known in the 1980s as a singer/composer of very sweet and mellow rumba and soukous, generally referred to as Tcha Tcho. As the 1990s saw the coming of harder hitting and more up-tempo music, the ndombolo, Olomide searched to adopt new styles too, although Tchatcho remained his signature style. New rhythms such as the Ndombolo were introduced on the « Loi » album. Until now, he has a large female audience who are attracted by his sweet songs, the male public probably prefer to admire the female dancers...

• Musicians on the album Affaire d'Etat (2002/2003):
- Vocals :
Lola Dindo, Fally Ipupa, Montana Kamenga, Geco Bouro Mpela, Deo Brando Muyinga, Gibson Butukondolo, Roi Soleil Wanga, Brigade Rwinga, Kerozene Koloyi Eyale, Koffi Olomide
- Drums :
Grand Cadre Titina Mbwinga, Ministre Cambodge Makambo
- Percussion :
Nseka Kudifelela, Grand Cadre Titina Mbwinga, Digital Lola Dindo
- Guitar :
Fofo le Collègien Vangu, Rama Ramazani Fulutuni, Tyson Felly Dimbedi Mumba
- Bass :
Binda Bass

Koffi Olomide
 Koffi Olomide  

Born: as Antoine Agbepa Mumba, 13 August 1956, in Kisangani
Style: Congolese rumba, tchatcho, soukous, ndombolo

Title Year Label Remarks
Nyataquance 2017 Kofficentral CD / digital download
13ième Apôtre 2015 Kofficentral 4 CD, Tracklist CD3 & 4 here...
Bana Zebola 2015 Kofficentral EP (5 tracks)
Abracadabra 2012 Diego Music 2 CD
Koffi chante Lutumba vol.1 2011 SINNA CD & DVD
Koffi chante Tabu Ley 2010 PM International Live CD & DVD
Koffi présente Cindy le Coeur au Zénith de Paris 2009 ML Production CD & DVD
La chicotte à Papa 2009 Sonima Music
Bord Ezanga Kombo (Album sans nom) 2008 Diego Music 2 CD
Hits 2007 Wedoo Music WMCD15 Compilation, CD & DVD
52e anniversaire / Kin La Joie 2007 Diego Music Live CD & DVD
100% Tcha Tcho Volume 2 2007 Production M.L.P & D Compilation, CD & DVD
100% Tcha Tcho Volume 1 2007 Production M.L.P & D Compilation, CD & DVD
SWI / Chocolat chaud 2006 GTP/OGP CD maxi-single + DVD
Danger de mort 2006 Sonima SMCD 1687 Quartier Latin album
Classics Titles 2006 Cantos Compilation
Affaire Silyvie (Boma Nga N'elengi) 2006 Tonton Skol 0714 CD
L'homme de Beretta/Best Of... 2006 Gilette d'Or GPI1030 Compilation
Kisanola ...le peigne 2006 Ets. Ndiaye single CD & DVD
Boma Nga N'elengi 2005 Sonima single CD & DVD
Monde arabe 2004 Sonima SMCD 1550 2 CD (solo album)
Affaire d'Etat 2003 Sonodisc CDS 8979 2 CD (Quartier Latin album)
Best of 2002 Sonodisc CDS 8983 2 CD (compilation)
Effrakata 2001 Sonodisc CDS 8919 2 CD (solo album)
Legend 2001 Sonodisc CDSL16 2 CD (compilation)
Force de frappe 2000 Sonodisc CDS 8845 Quartier Latin album
Live à Bercy 2000 2000 Sonodisc
Attentat (L'Integrale) 1999 Sonodisc CDS 28841 2 CD, reissue Suave 6942151 (2006)
Attentat (Version Radio) 1999 Sonodisc CDS 8841 1 CD, with shortened tracks
Droit de Véto 1999 Sonodisc CDS 8838 Quartier Latin album, reissue Suave 6942152 (2006)
Zonga Esika Owuti 1998 Ngoyarto NG 055
Ngounda 1998 Ngoyarto NG 042 1983 recordings
Ba La Joie 78-79 1998 Ngoyarto NG 028 1978-79 recordings
Ultimatum 1997 Sonodisc CDS 8827 Quartier Latin album
Loi 1997 Sonodisc CDS 8837
V 12 1995 Sonodisc CD 76913
Magie 1994 Sonodisc CD 74113
Dans "Stephie" 199? Sonodisc 397015 Original LP Tcha Tcho from 1988 (TT 1301)
Noblesse Oblige 1993 Sonodisc CD 71307
Pas de faux pas 1992 Tamaris CD 92018
Koweit, Rive Gauche 1992 Tamaris CD 92007
Diva 1992 Sonodisc CD 61401 Original LP from 1986 (Espera 1510)
Les Prisonniers dorment 1991 Sonodisc ESP 8480
Ngobila 1991 FDB 300061 Original LP from 1986 (Mayala MA4006)
Tcha Tcho 1990 Stern's STCD 1031 LPs Henriquet and Elle et Moi
Golden Star - Elle et Moi 1989 Kaluila LP KL 031
Henriquet 1988 Kaluila LP KL 07
Lady Bo 1987 Rambo 1
Dieu voit tout 1987 ADM 1341

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