(Quartier Latin) Academia

Quartier Latin Academia (or Academia in short) was formed by musicians that have left Koffi Olomide's band Quartier Latin after alledged disputes about their remuneration. As with so many Congolese bands, artistic or personal differences or financial difficulties led to several personnel changes as some of the band members leave and create a band of their own, but drawing on the name of the original band. Academia draws musically strongly on Quartier Latin's sound, but innovations can be heard on « Sanction  », mainly thanks to the invited musicians and because of the heavy bass tuning. Also, the track are more up-tempo compared to the original Quartier Latin productions.

The band turned out to be unstable in personnel too, and and later albums were rather albums by singer Sam Tshintu where the name Akademia was used as the accompanying band.

Musicians on "Sanction":
Rhythm guitar: Micke Evian, Lebou Kabuya.
Solo guitar: Lebou Kabuya.
Bass: Paty Basima "Bob Denard".
Drums: Luvengoka Zinga "Djoudjou Music", Kapangala.
Keyboards: Guy Synthé, Philippe Guez.
Congas: Charly Mbunda.
Shaker: Somone Dolce.
Animation: Somone Dolce & M'Boshi Bola.
Vocals: Sam Tshintu "Che Guevara", Bouro M'Pela "Jean Scram", Modogo Balongana & Marie José Gibon.
Invited guests: Jacky (Nég'marrons) & Pit Bacardi on track 2 Faux patron.

Quartier Latin Academia
Quartier Latin Academia: Sanction

Formed: in 1998 as an off-shoot of Koffi Olomidé's Quartier Latin
Style: Modern Congolese music / soukous / dombolo / rumba

Title Year Label Remarks
Albums by Sam Tshintu & l'Akademia
Eyoma 2019 BMK La Paix Prod BMK009
Sacrifices 2009 Wedoo Music
Sexy chocolat 2004 Aliyah Records LMBCD00049 CD-single (4 tracks)
Quatre Coins Kandala 2002 Clarys Music RMP 308902
Albums by Quartier Latin Academia
Viagra 2001 Secteur Ä 3760030491502 2 CD
Sanction 1999 Secteur Ä 9901-2 (3760030490017) CD

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