Wenge Musica BCBG /
J.B. M'Piana & Wenge BCBG

Wenge Musica was formed in 1981 by Didier Masela, Aimé Bwanga, Werrason and Alain Mwanga. The young outfit played modern soukous music inspired by Viva la Musica and Zaiko Langa Langa. Singers like J.B. M'Piana, Blaise Bula and Marie-Paul Kambulu joined later.

Around 1990, a split-up occurred after a stay in Europe, during which « Kin E Bouge » was recorded. Singer Marie Paul Kambulu decided to stay in Paris, where Ricoco Bulabemba, Alain Mwanga "Zing-Zong" and Aimé Bwanga already started recruting young musicians, and the formation of Wenge Musica Aile Paris was a fact.
In Kinshasa, Wenge Musica BCBG (Bon Chic, Bon Genre) with Werrason and M'Piana continued with the release of Kin E Bouge. A period of successful albums followed with « Kala Yi-Boeing », « Les Anges Adorables », « Pleins feux!!! » and « Pentagone ».

But the rivalry between Werrason and M'piana came to explosion after the successful release of M'piana's solo album « Feux de l'amour » and in December 1997, the two singers J.B. M'Piana and Werrason split up. J.B. M'Piana's Wenge BCBG continues with Alain Makaba, Blaise Bula, Alain Mpela, Aimelia, Ficarré, Kusangila, Titina, Al Nzimbi, Théo Bidens, Burkina Mboka Liya, Ekokota, and Tutu Calugi.

Werrason stayed behind in Kinshasa, at first feeling betrayed. Only after a while, public demand led to the creation of Wenge Musica Maison Mère by Werrason, Adolphe Dominguez and Didier Masela. Ever since, there is a vivid competition between J.B.M'Piana and Werrason.

Some Wenge BCBG members on "Titanic":
J.B. M'Piana vocals
Alain Makaba Prince guitar, keyboards
Alain Mpela Afandé vocals
Blaise Bula Parrain vocals
Titina Grand Prêtre drums
Mbuta Kisolokele Kis secretary, composer
Aimela La voix qui cloche vocals
Burkina Faso Kasongo solo guitar
Most of these musicians have left BCBG now for rivalling groups or solo careers.

Creation: in July 1981 as Wenge Musica, in the early 1990s the Kinshasa-wing became Wenge Musica BCBG, after further split-offs continuing as J.B. Mpiana's Wenge BCBG
Born: Jean-Bedel M'Piana Tshituka is born on June 2, 1967 in Luluabourg (now Kananga), in the present-day province of Kasaļ-Central
Style: Modern Congolese music, soukous, ndombolo, Congolese rumba
Wenge BCBG
Wenge BCBG  

Title Year Label Remarks
J.B. M'Piana & Wenge BCBG:
Soyons sérieux 2011 Obouo Music 2CD
Quel Est Ton Problème? 2007 Ets. N'Diaye ND161/07 Maxi-single, Wenge BCBG album
Kipe Ya Yo (Vis ta vie) 2007 Ets. N'Diaye ND156-07
Anti-Terro 2004 Badive Music BDCD 001 2CD
Internet 2001 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29350 2CD
T.H. (Toujours Humble) 2000 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29348 Solo album J.B. M'Piana
Zenith 1999, extrait 2 1999 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29338
Zenith 1999, extrait 1 1999 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29337
Titanic 1998 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29331
Feux de l'amour 1997 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29319 Solo album J.B. M'Piana
Wenge Musica BCBG:
Pentagone 1996 Simon Music S.I.P.E. 29313
Pleins feux!!! 1996 Saga SG96003
Les Anges Adorables, Vol.2 1994 Sonodisc CDS 8802
Les Anges Adorables, Vol.1 1994 Sonodisc CDS 8801
Kala Yi-Boeing 1993 WIBE 001CD Re-released on Ngoyarto NG068
Wenge Musica:
Kin E Bouge 1991 B.Mass Production BMP 000159-2 Also on MBS 001
Bouger Bouger 1988 Next Music re-released as Africassette AC 9401 (1994)

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