Manda Chante & Wenge Référence

Manda Chante is probably the least known singer of the Wenge generation but he is certainly not the worst. He was a singer of Wenge Musica from the early days and featured on the Wenge Musica BCBG 4x4 album « Kala Yi Boeing ». He left the main group to join Marie Paul's Wenge El Paris, where he can be heard on their album « Couvre feu » and also « Le monde à l'envers » which contains perhaps Manda Chante's most well known song called "Ibrahim".
He was elected Best Singer in 1997 by the AMCO (Association des chroniqueurs de musique du Congo, the Congolese music critics association). After Savanet Depitcho had left Wenge El Paris for Quartier Latin, it seems that Manda Chante had a conflict with Wenge El Paris leader Marie Paul, as a result of which Manda left to create his own group Wenge Référence.

He released two albums, « Bouclage » (2000) and « Onction » (2003), that were quite well received but lacked commercial success due to flaws in promotion. In 2006, his latest album « Délivrance Totale », partly recorded in London and in studio M'eko in Limete (Kinshasa), was released in Kinshasa by Shabani Records and is has been released in Europe as well by Sonima the following year.

Manda Chante
Manda Chante 

• Musicians on the album Bouclage:
Lead vocal: Manda Chante
Vocals: Malik, Gaby, Danison, Flama Rado, Jean Pat, Mayito, Kelly, Pipiyou Mosada
Solo guitar: Tchanda, Paul
Rhythm guitar: Tchanda, Mboka Liya
Bass: Paty, Blanchard
Animation: Apocalypse, Jules Bilele, Atshounda
Tumbas: Cherie Nono
Drum: Waroma
Studio: Studio N'Diaye, Kinshasa

• Musicians on the album Onction:
Lead vocal: Manda Chante
Vocals: Manda Chante, Vava, Mayito, Papy Lumumba, Gaby, Clara, Koko Maya, Dezané, Platini, Papy Mukongo, Ndanison
Guitar: Taty Maperza, Bourkina Faso
Bass: Ghislain Bass, Didier Mukunza, Blanchard
Animation: Apocalypse, Somina, Gires, Jules Mumbafu
Studio: Studio Meko, Kinshasa

Born: as Nkumu Manda
Style: Modern Congolese music / ndombolo

Title Year Label Remarks
Délivrance Totale 2007 Sonima CD & DVD
Onction 2003 LK Services 001 CD
Bouclage 2000 Ets. N'Diaye ND080CD CD

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