Fallou Dieng

Fallou Dieng is part of a younger generation singers in Senegal, that came after the generation of successful international stars like Youssou N'Dour and Baaba Maal. Fallou Dieng started singer around 1990, first with Lemzo Diamono. In 1994, he formed his own band, le DLC (Dakar Loisirs Club). His popularity in Senegal rose quickly to high levels and he scored big hits such as « Koleure ». His music is full of energy, and with his voice, although not gifted with the wide vocal range of Youssou N'Dour, he is capable of reflecting the lyrics of his songs. The style is predominantly mbalax, with its pumping polyrhythms and percussive drive.

In order to seek for international audiences, two CDs with songs from the nineties were issued in 2000 and 2001, and his following album « Bouko Bayi » (2003) has also been released on the international market, but his main fan base is in Senegal.

• Musicians on Maana:
Fallou Dieng Lead vocal
Vieux Hadj, Abdourahmane Cissé, Aziz Diallo keyboards
Guido Ardo Ba bass
Pape Diallo guitar
Assane Seck guitar
Moussa Gningue drums
Ndiaga Ndir, Mamadou Samb sabar percussion
Sam Thiam tama percussion
Mamadou Samb backing vocals

Habib Faye bass, keyboards
Jean-Baptiste Nallet guitar
Mame Diarra backing vocals
Jules Gueye trumpet

Fallou Dieng
  Fallou Dieng   

Born: 31 December 1963
Style: mbalax

Title Year Label Remarks
Namonalène 2018 Afrik Melo, 2018 Digital EP
Mome Vent 2014 Joloff Music Production CD
Maana 2009 6C Production / Lampe Fall Productions CD (4 tracks)
African Classics 2008 Sheer Sound SLCD152 CD
Feuk Dieuf 2006 New African Productions CD
Licii Jamano 2004 Lampe Fall Productions CD (with le DLC)
Bouko Bayi 2003 Africa Productions 03072-2 CD
Best of Fallou Dieng ("Xarnubi") 2001 DAD Dakar Audio Diffusion 30701-2 CD (compilation)
Medina 2000 Stern's STCD 1090 CD (compilation)
Prestige vol. 2 1999 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Prestige vol. 1 1999 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Juboo vol. 11 1999 Senegal Music, no ref. Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 10: Diapason d'enfer 1998 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 9: Diapason d'enfer 1998 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 8: Weex Bet 1997 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Biri Biri Dawal Thiow 1996 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 5: Beusseum-Bi 1996 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 4: Barsane 1994 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Diapason 1993 KSF, no ref Cassette (with le DLC)
Vol 3: Xarnu Bi 1993 Adama Sene, no ref Cassette (with Lemzo Diamono)
Vol 2: Boromam 1991 No ref Cassette
Duo Juboo 1990 Audio Video 000005 Cassette

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