Omar Pene & Super Diamono

Singer and composer Omar Pene created Super Diamono together with Ismael Lô. They started first to play traditional music. After some years, they introduced electric guitars and joined the new mbalax style en vogue in Dakar since he end of the 1970s. Yet, Super Diamono have a distinct style that is easily recognizable, partly because of the vocals, but also because of the jazzy feel of their music. For more than 40 years now, Super Diamono has been addressing issues concerning the youth in their lyrics. This accounts for their hugh popularity among younger generations of Senegalese.

Over the years, several musicians left the band for solo careers, such as Ismael Lô who left in the mid-1980s for a solo career. He wass replaced by Mamadou Maiga. Moussa N'Gom came from Guelewar but left in 1988 to create his own band. Others (Lamine "Lemzo" Faye) left to create off-shoots such as Lemzo Diamono. Omar Pene took over leadership in the band, in order to promote his solo career, while Super Diamono remains his band, and together, they continue to show both talent and craftmanship.

Omar Pene
Omar Pene 

Band members (as stated on the album 20 Ans Déja):
Omar Pène lead vocals;
Babacar Dieng vocals;
Thio Mbaye percussion & vocals;
Oumar Sow lead guitar;
Doudou Konaré solo guitar;
Dembel Diop bass;
Iba Ndiaye claviers;
Lappa Diagne drums

Created: in Dakar, 1975
Style: Mbalax

Title Year Label Remarks
Climat 2021 Diamono Production Solo album Omar Pene
Ndayaan 2011 Aztec Musique Solo album Omar Pene
Classic 80s 2010 Cantos Compilation
Ndam 2009 Aztec Musique Acoustic solo album Omar Pene
Moom Tamit 2007 Diamono Production Cassette (distribution: Origines S.A.)
Jigeenu Ndakaru 2005 Dakar Audio Diffusion DAD Compilation of older recordings
Myamba 2005 Faces (distr. Discograph) Acoustic solo album Omar Pene
Tey - 30 Ans Déja 2005 Diamono Productions CD
Lampe 2003 Origines Cassette
Diadieuf - Kaarapit 2003 Lampe Fall Productions Compilation CD of 2 cassettes,
Diadieuf (Origines, 2002) and Kaarapit (KSF, 2001)
25 Ans 2001 Night & Day NDCD 083 CD
Integration Africaine 2000 Sonodisc CDS 7062 CD
Diamono Groove 2000 Syllart-Africando Sylaf 96101 CD
Nanga Def 1998 Africando Sylaf 96030 CD
Direct from Dakar 1997 WOMAD Select WSCD102 CD
Tiki Tiki 1997 Africando Sylaf 96017 CD
20 Ans Déja 1996 Africando Sylaf 9602 CD
Fari 1993 Stern's STCD 1051 CD
Nila 1992 Celluloid 66909-2 CD
Cheick anta Diop 1989 Celluloid 08530-1 LP
The People 1987 Encore! ENC 139 Originally released in 1984
Mam 1984 Celluloid CEL 8011 LP
Ndaxami 1984 MCA 303 LP
Greedy Dayaan 1984 Disques Griot GR 7604 LP
Biita - Baane 1975 Musiclub LPX.MUS.0010 LP

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