Félix Wazekwa

Félix Wazekwa is part of a younger generation of Congolese singer-songwriters in the soukous genre. he started his musical career in the early eighties with Kin-Verso, a band in the Matete neighbourhood of Kinshasa.

In 1985 he went to Paris to study Economics. Five years later, he started working as a songwriter for various rising Congolese artists, such as Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba. In 1995, he recorded his first solo album « Tetragramme », where he sings in duett with Papa Wemba and Madilu.

It was his third album « Bonjour Monsieur » that made him known throughout Africa. For the Congolese public, he was, by then, already famous for his subtle lyrics in Lingala. In 1999, he created his own band Cultur'A Pays-Vie and continues to be prolific and albums are released on a regular base. In recent years, polemic issues between Felix and Koffi Olomide are frequently reported, after he had lost several band members to Koffi's Quartier Latin.

Born: 14 September 1962, in Kinshasa, as Nlandu Wazekwa Félix
Style: modern Congolese music, rumba, tcha-tcho, soukous
Félix Wazekwa
Félix Wazekwa  

Title Year Label Remarks
Article 23 2019 Fondation Wazekwa
I Love You 2014 Mpova Music
Adamu Na Eva 2013 Fondation Wazekwa
Haut les mains 2011 FoWa
Mémoire Ya Nzambe 2010 Kiki Productions CD & DVD
Live à l'Olympia 2009 Dario Kindongo CD & DVD
Mosapi Liboso 2008 Top Melodie/Fondation Wazekwa 3-track maxi-single & DVD
La chèvre de Mr. Séguin 2008 Fondation Wazekwa 3-track maxi-single & DVD
"Que demande le peuple?" 2007 Fondation Wazekwa FW001 CD & CD/DVD
Faux Mutu Moko Boye 2005 Kiki Touré K1050 2CD, Distribution Atoll 9260
Et après... 2004 Kiki Touré K1043 CD & DVD
Yo Nani? 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 218
Signature 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 129
Sponsor 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 052
Bonjour Monsieur 1998 JPS Production CDJPS 015
Pauvres, mais... 1997 Rythmo Disc NWF 9702
Tetragramme, YHWH 1996 Sun Records 012330

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