Sékouba Bambino Diabaté

Sékouba Bambino Diabaté was born in a griot family, as his mother Mariama Samoura was a famous griot. Unfortunately she died when Sekouba was only 3 years old, shortly after she had divorced from Sekouba's father. Although his father was against a musical career for Sekouba, he started nevertheless singing in 1972, apparently for several bands, among others in the Revolution Band. During one of the numerous singing contests in Conakry, a young Sekouba sang Salif Keita's song « Mandjou », a song dedicated to Sekou Touré, Guinea's president whose policy it was (among other, much less beneficial, measures) to promote African culture.
Around 1980, President Touré requested that "the boy from Siguiri", at the time only 16 years old, should replace Bembeya Jazz lead singer Aboubakar Demba Camara, who found a tragic death in 1973.

Sékouba Bambino stayed with Bembeya until 1989 and he then started a solo career. In this, he has succeeded perhaps more than anyone else in Guinea, as his status as one of the best singers in the country is beyond discussion until today. After a few albums, he released the album « Sinikan », recorded with the help of the producer of Salif Keita's album « Soro », François Bréant, and was aiming at an international break-through.

International success came even more when he recorded and performed with Panafrican salsa band Africando, with a first song on « Gombo Salsa », and as a full member on their 2000 album « Mandali » (released in France as « Betece »).

Sékouba Bambino also participated in Syllart's Mandekalou project, where famous West African artists were invited to revisit classic Mandingo repertoire and which resulted in two albums.

 Sékouba Bambino Diabaté 

Born: 1964, in Kintiya, 25 km from Siguiri (North-East Guinea)
Style: mandingo music

Title Year Label Remarks
Innovation - 20ème anniversaire 2012 Syllart Also released by Lusafrica (with different track order)
Diatiguyw 2012 Syllart Also released by Stern's as The Griot's Craft (STCD1117)
Ma Guinée 2011 SBD Production/Tandjigoura
Allez Africa 2006 DMS Productions (Apparently the same album as CAN History, except for the track list)
CAN History 1957-2006 2006 Syllart
15e Anniversaire 2004 Syllart SYLAF 96300
Ambiance ballon 2004 Syllart
Sinikan 2004 Sono CDS 8932 (Next Music/Musisoft)
Kassa 1997 Stern's STCD 1074 CD
Bonya 1996 Syllart SYL 83201 Cassette
Kassa 1996 Syllart SYL 83200 Cassette
Syli National 1994 Super Selection SS-1270 Cassette
Le Destin 1992 PAM OA 202 CD
Sama 1991 Super Selection 91001 Cassette
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