Extra Musica

Extra Musica has been the major music band from Congo Brazzaville of the mid-1990s. They are making a modern, very danceable, soukous. Their first albums were the most successful ones, not only in their home country but throughout Africa. Under the leadership of drummer Ramatoulaye and guitarist Roga Roga, Extra Musica has been successful for many years and produced several albums. After a few years, problems of financial and managerial nature were felt by various members of the original band. After the departure of Guy Guy Fall in 1996, others left in 1998 to create off-shoots such as Extra Musica International in 1998 under the leadership of Quentin Mouyasko, with guitarist Arnaud Laguna. From Extra Musica International a further spinoff was created, Z1 International, led by Régis Touba, with Pinochet Thierry, Durell Loemba and Cyrille Malonga.

The original group under Roga's leadership changed its name into Extra Musica Zangul. After the 2001 album « Trop c'est trop », there was a long silence but a new album « Obligatoire » was released early 2004. Later that year, Doudou Copa decided to leave for a solo career, and in 2005, singer Oxygène decided to leave Extra Musica to create Universal Zangul. Oxygene's departure has been perceived as a heavy blow to the original band. Nevertheless, a new album was released in December 2006. After all departures, Roga Roga continues with Extra Musica, or what is left of it.

Extra Musica
Extra Musica around 1998

Musicians on "Etat-Major" (1998):
Vocals: Oxygène (Mbon Sylvain), Doudou (Elenga Laka Bienvenu Dominique), Abilissi (Samba Brice) & Herman;
Animation: Kila Mbongo (Mazikou Ghislain);
Animation d'ensemble: Ramatoulaye, Sonor, Espé, Herman, Oxygène, Doudou, Abilissi;
Solo & rhythm guitar: Roga Roga (Ibambi Okombi Rogatien);
Bass: Espé Bass , Sonor;
Keyboards & horns: Christian Kingstall, Roga Roga;
Drums: Ramatoulaye (Ngolali G.);
Tumbas: Gildas Pozzi, Emery Mbonda;
Cabasa: Roga Roga;
Maracas: Roga Roga, Espé Bass, & Rama

Formed: 1993, in Brazzaville
Style: ndombolo, soukous

Title Year Label Remarks
242 2018 Ibrok's Production Album by Roga Roga & Extra Musica
Oyo Ekoya Eya 2016 Cyriaque Bassoka Album by Roga Roga & Extra Musica
Contentieux 2015 Ibrok's Prod Album by Roga Roga & Extra Musica
Sorcellerie (Kindoki) 2011 Letiok Production Album by Roga Roga & Extra Musica
La main noire 2006 Sonima 2 CD
Obligatoire 2004 JPS Production CDJPS 240
Trop c'est trop 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 150
Anthologie 2000 1999 Globe Music Les meilleurs tubes "non-stop"
Best of Extra Musica - La Legende Congolaise 1999 T.B.E. TBE006
Shalai 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 048
Etat-major 1998 Blue Silver 50689-2
Ouaragan (Champions d'Afrique) 1997 Blue Silver 50660-2
Confirmation 1996 Sonodisc CD 61409
Les nouveaux missiles 1995 Blue Silver 50488-2
Albums by Extra Musica International (Quentin Moyascko): 
Virgule 2007 QEMI / Wedoo Music WMCD14
Merci 2001 Qemi 01
Albums by Z1 International (Regis Touba): 
Bastonnade - Fimbu 2004 Sonima Music
Ere de vérité [2001] Simon SIPE
Albums by Extra Musica Z1 International: 
Super Helico 1999 Simon SIPE Still with Quentin Moyascko
Albums by Guy-Guy Fall: 
Lokolo ya Nzambe 2015
Ndoki Zoba 2012 DRTV
Le 3ème jour 2005 Sonima
Force de frappe 1999 Sonodisc-Denide CD 87810
Côte Ouest 1997 Sonodisc-Denide CD 87809


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