Universal Zangul

Universal Zangul has been created only in 2005 after the defection of Oxygène (Mbon Sylvain) from Brazzaville's Extra Musica. This popular band of the mid-1990s, playing high speed soukous and ndombolo with lots of electric guitars and atalakus (cris d'animation), has been suffering from various defections, resulting in the creation of groups like Extra Musica International and Z1 International (2000).

Sylvain Mbon, who now carries the title Général Sotonyoto, took with him a number of singers, animators and musicians from Extra Musica Zangul, such as Papy Bastain, Rossen Yaourt (Rossaine Kimance), Typhoïde, Baudoin, and Kerson Saddam, who felt that they weren't given enough opportunities in the original Extra Musica formation. Together, they produced a first album « Tapis Rouge » that is of surprisingly high standards. Among the ten songs on the album, there are a quite a few Congolese rumba compositions, besides the more Extra Musica oriented songs. Overall, the album is a bit less 'noisy' than recent Extra Musica albums.

• Musicians on « Tapis rouge »:
Oxygene "Le General Sotonyoto", Papy Bastin, Rossen, Kerson Saddam, Apotre Noumaz, Thierry Berger, Yellow Man : Vocals and backing vocals;
Typhoide & Bulldog : Animation
Bondo Mania : Solo guitar
Edjo Mapendo : Mi-solo guitar
B-Magic : Rhythm guitar
Davy Mbazo : Bass
Baudouin Missapi : Synthesizer
Okouere Miracle : Drums
Kiki Lombonda : Congas

Created: in Brazzaville, 2005, as an off-shoot from Extra Musica Zangul
Style: soukous / ndombolo / rumba
CD cover 'Tapis Rouge'
      CD cover 'Tapis Rouge'

Title Year Label Remarks
Tapis Rouge 2006 Kiki Touré Productions K 1052 CD & DVD

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