Magic System
(Côte d'Ivoire)

Magic System is a popular outfit from Abidjan, unknown until the title song from their second album « Premier Gaou » was relayed extensively by Claudy Siar from French radio station RFI. Soon, the song was in France's clubs and hit parade, especially after a remixed version by Bob Sinclar. Magic System performed in the prestigious venue le Zénith in Paris, inviting Extra Musica and Koffi Olomide as guests, the two had helped them earlier at the start of their international career. 1.5 million albums have been sold in Africa alone. Revitalising Zouglou, a popular music style in the 1980s, they had more hits to come.

Magic System released several albums, and embarked upon collaborations with other artists, mainly from France and from the Maghreb. Examples are the song « On ne sait jamais » with French singer Leslie (in 2002), « Un Gaou à Oran » with Afro-Maghreb-French rap group 113, a remix of « Bouger Bouger » with Mokobe, and, in 2009, « Même pas fatigué » with Khaled.

In 2015, they released an album « Radio Afrika » with remakes of 12 African classics from all over the continent, such as « Sweet Fanta Diallo » or « Mario ».

• Magic System consist of:
Salif Traoré "A'Salfo"
Étienne Boué Bi "Tino"
Narcisse Sadoua "Goudé"
Adama Fanny "Manadja"

Created: 1996
Style: Zouglou

Magic System
  Magic System  


Title Year Label Remarks
Radio Afrika 2015 Warner / Parlophone France
Africainement vôtre 2014 Warner / Parlophone France
Touté Kalé 2011 EMI
Ki dit mié 2007 EMI France
Cessa kiè la vérité (new edition) 2006 Virgin
Cessa kiè la vérité 2005 Virgin / EMI 3311692
Un gaou à Paris 2003 Virgin France Re-edition of "Poisson d'avril"
1er Gaou: Original plus remixes 2002 Sono CDS 8933 2CD
Poisson d'avril 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 119
1er Gaou 2000 Sono CDS 7083
Papitou 1997 Local cassette


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