Gino Sitson

Gino Sitson is an extraordinary multitalented musician, hailing from West Cameroon. He is successfully blending African polyphonic traditions with jazz and blues, using his acrobatic vocal abilities. His first album was mainly vocal, on his second album « Song Zin'... (Vocadelic Tales) », both vocal and orchestrated pieces can be found.

He is able to imitate various instruments and effects with his voice only, his music is very original and full of humour. Yet, the music is never shallow or superficial and he explores the possibilities of tradition and modernity in a well-balanced manner.
He is mostly singing in Medumba, one of the Bamileke languages, that are so well suited for bluesy music.

Gino studied ethnomusicology in Paris (Sorbonne), where he started his stunning success as a vocal "acrobat", performing with numerous artists such as Manu Dibango, Jorge Ben and Papa Wemba, among others. In 2001, he moved to New York, where he performs and where he composes soundtracks.

• Musicians on Song Zin'...:
Gino Sitson (lead vocal, vocal instruments, miscellaneous effects and backing vocals, tracks 1-16)

Tracks 2-4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15:
Carine Bonnefoy (piano),
Noël Ekwabi (bass),
Jean-Baptiste Dobiecki (tenor & soprano sax),
Denis Tchangou (drums, percussion)
Tracks 3, 6, 10, 13:
Valérie Belinga (backing vocals),
Xénia Caraïbe (backing vocals),
Joëlle Esso (backing vocals)
Track 6:
Annabelle Alaga (spontaneous lyrics).

Born: As Pierre-Eugène Sitchet, in Bazou, Ndé Division, West Province, Cameroon
Style: world / jazz / vocal
Gino Sitson
 Gino Sitson  

Title Year Label Remarks
Echo Chamber 2019 Buda Records
Body & Voice 2016 Buda Records
VoiStrings 2014 Buda Records
Listen - Vocal Deliria II 2013 Alessa Records / Universal
Way to go 2009 Alessa Records ALR 1011
Bamisphere 2005 Polyvocal Records
Song Zin'... 2002 Piranha Records CD-PIR 1682 Previously released in 2000
Vocal Deliria 1996 Polyvocal Records PCR 069

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