Diogal Sakho

Diogal Sakho, or in short Diogal, is a singer songwriter from the coastal region near Dakar. As his ethnical group, the Lebou, is principally composed of fishermen, he has been baptised pêcheur de sons.

His music is a mix of Lébou traditionals, folk and western music. After two local cassette productions, distributed by Youssou N'Dour's studio Xippi, he recorded a first CD in 2001 which has been released in January 2002. This album « Samba Alla », recorded with French multi-instrumentalist Alain 'Loy' Ehrlich, has been well received by the critics.

Living in France, he continues to record albums on a regular basis, « Liir » (2004), « Li Lan La » (2008), « Urban Spirit » (2010) and more recently « Roadside » (2018).

Musicians on the album 'Samba Alla':
Loy Ehrlich: piano, percussion, bass ;
Daby Touré: guitar, chorus ;
Vincent Segal: bass, violoncello ;
Jean-Philippe Rykiel: synthesizer ;
Pape Dieye: percussion, chorus ;
Julia Sarr, Malaīka Lokua, Wasis Diop chorus
and others...

Diogal - album cover 'Liir'  

Born: 1970, in Ngor (near Dakar)
Style: folkoric / acoustic guitar music, based on Lebou traditions

Title Year Label Remarks
Roadside 2018 Buda Musique 860322
Urban Spirit 2010 Playasound
Li Lan La 2008 D. Sakho/Wasia Download album
Liir 2004 Celluloid 67054-2
Samba Alla 2002 Celluloid 67031-2
Mbar-Yi 2000 Xippi (local cassette production)
Xariit Taffa 1998 Xippi (local cassette production)

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