Orchestre Baobab

Orchestre Baobab is one of the oldest and most famous Senegalese bands. Created in 1970 to inaugurate the Baobab nightclub, several members were recruited from the Star Band, the oldest band in Senegal, established in 1960 during the independence days. The principal members from the start were from various ethnic descent and nationality: Balla Sidibé, a peul from Senegal, Laye M'Boup (a wolof griot, who died in 1974 after a car accident), Issa Cissako (mandinka), Rudy Gomis (from Guinee-Bissau) and guitar player Attisso who came from Togo. They all brought their heritage and style and created the distinct Baobab sound.

Laye M'Boup was replaced by Thione Seck who was responsible of one of Baobab's biggest hits ever, « Mohamadou Bamba » (1980). Thione left and established his own band, and his younger brother, Mapenda Seck, took his place.

Their biggest hits were in the 1970s, the LP « Ken Dou Werente », reissued on CD as « Pirates Choice » was the last album of Baobab in its original composition. Balla Sidibé continued with Baobab Nouvelle Formation but with limited success. Due to the success of the CD re-issues, nearly all original members came together again and performed on Womex 2001 in Rotterdam. Those fans who were there, know that they sounded as in the old days!

An all-new album, has been released in September 2002, and has been well received with remarkable press coverage. Since then, Baobab are touring extensively all over the world. In October 2007, a new album « Made in Dakar », comes out, with new versions of old hits such as « Ndeleng Ndeleng » and « Cabral ».

Orchestre Baobab 1977
Left to right: Charly N'Diaye, Balla Sidibé, Mountaga Kouyaté, Barthelemy Atisso, Ndiouga Dieng (1977)
Orchestre Baobab 1982
Left to right: Barthelemy Attisso, Thione Seck, Balla Sidibé (1982)

• Orchestre Baobab (1982):
Balla Sidibé: vocals
Rudolphe Gomis: vocals
N'Diouga Dieng (*6 June 1944 - †10 November 2016): vocals
Medoune Diallo (*11 February 1949 - †10 February 2018): vocals
Mapenda Seck: vocals;
Barthelemy Attisso: solo guitar;
Papa Ba, Adama Sarr: guitar;
Charles Antoine N'Diaye: bass;
Mountaga Kouyaté: percussion;
Issa Cissokho: tenor sax
• Previous members:
Laye M'Boup († 1974): vocals
Thione Seck (left Baobab in 1980): vocals

Formed: 1970, in Dakar
Style: Latin, afro-cuban, rumba, mandingo

Title Year Label Remarks
Si Bou Odja 2020 Syllart Records SYLLREC0420 (LP) Reissue; digital release by Stern's
Mouhamadou Bamba 2020 Syllart Records SYLLREC0220 (LP) Reissue; digital release by Stern's
Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng 2017 World Circuit WCD 092 New recordings
La Belle Epoque Vol. 2: 1973-1976 2012 Syllart Productions 000990 2 CD
La Belle Epoque: 1971-1977 2009 Syllart Productions 000361 2 CD
Made in Dakar 2007 World Circuit WCD 078 New recordings
A night at Club Baobab 2006 Oriki Music 1972-78 recordings
Classic titles 2006 Cantos Compilation
Specialist in all Styles 2002 World Circuit WCD 064 New recordings
Pirates Choice (2CD) 2001 World Circuit WCD 063 2CD, re-issue of LP Ken Dou Werente plus 6 tracks
Roots and Fruit 1999 PAM ADC 304 Re-issue of older songs from various LPs
N'Wolof 1998 Dakar Sound DKS 014 Re-issue of older songs with Laye M'Boup
Bamba 1993 Stern's STCD 3003 Re-issue of Mohammadou Bamba and Sibou Odia
On verra ça 1992 World Circuit WCD 027 Re-issue of Baobab à Paris Vol. 1 & 2
Pirates Choice 1989 World Circuit WCD 014 Re-issue of LP Ken Dou Werente
"African" releases:
Nouvelle Formation 1988 Syllart SYL 83105 Cassette
Yamdoulene 1987 Ndoye Cassette
Coumba Ndiaye 1986? Ndoye Cassette
Mame Diarra Bousso 1986 Studio 2000 Cassette
Ken Dou Werente 1982 MCA 307 LP
Gouye Guy de Dakar: vol.4 197? Bellot C 3809 Compilation cassette
Gouye Guy de Dakar: vol.3: hommage a Laye M'Boup 197? Bellot C 3806 Compilation cassette
Gouye Guy de Dakar: vol.2 197? Bellot C 3805 Compilation cassette
Gouye Guy de Dakar: vol.1 197? Bellot C 3804 Compilation cassette
Vol. 2: Ngalam 1982 M'Baye Gueye Cassette
Vol. 1: Senegambie 1982 M'Baye Gueye Cassette
Sibou Odia 1980 Jambaar JM 5004 LP
Mohammadou Bamba 1980 Jambaar JM 5000 LP
Gouyegui Dou Daanou 1979 Disc Afrique DARL 001 LP
Baobab à Paris vol.2: Africa 78 1978 Ledoux ASL 7002 LP
Baobab à Paris vol.1: On verra ça 1978 Ledoux ASL 7001 LP
Une nuit au Jandeer 1978 Musicafrique MSCLP 002 LP
N'Deleng N'Deleng 1977 Musicafrique MSCLP 001 LP
Hommage à Lay M'Boop 1975? LP
Aduna Jarul Naawoo 1975 Disques Buur BRLP 005 LP
Visage du Sénégal 1975 Disques Buur BRLP 004 LP
Senegaal Sunugaal 1975 Disques Buur BRLP 003 LP
Guy Gu Rey Gi 1975 Disques Buur BRLP 002 LP
'75' 1975 Disques Buur BRLP 001 LP
Volume 2 1972? Baobab BAO 2 LP
M'Beugene 1972? Baobab BAO 1 LP

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