Adolphe Dominguez & Wenge Tonya Tonya

Wenge Tonya Tonya is one of the off-shoots of the Wenge family. The group has its origin in the defection in March 2001 by Adolphe Dominguez, one of the solo singer of Werrason's Wenge Musica Maison Mère. Dominguez, a gifted singer, was prominently present on Wenge Maison Mère's « Solola bien! » album.

Adolphe Dominguez is born from a religious family in the capital Kinshasa. He was infected with the music virus at young age and learned to sing as an autodidact, listening to classical music, but also to his neighbour who played guitar every evening. Dominguez becomes one of the lead singers of Wenge Musica in 1984.

On Tonya Tonya's debut album, « Affaire Tonya Tonya », he introduces a new dance, bawu na bawu, which he hopes will replace the ndombolo, at the end of its evolution. The album remained his biggest hit, even though Adolphe has released several albums since, notably « Mouna » (2002), « Suspension » (2010) and now « Intouchable ». He is, as many others, faced with the difficulty to find serious promoters willing to invest, and, related to this, the difficulty to keep his musicians happy and prevent them from leaving the band in search for other work opportunities.

Adolphe Dominguez
Adolphe Dominguez  

Born: 1966, as Ebondja Elongo Lodi Adolphe, in Kinshasa
Formed: Wenge Tonya Tonya is created by Adolphe Dominguez as an off-shoot of Wenge Musica Maison Mère, in March 2001
Style: Modern Congolese music

Title Year Label Remarks
Amitié suite & fin 2018 K2A-MUSIC CD
Amitié 2017 K2A-MUSIC CD
Intouchable 2013 Bana Music CD
Suspension 2010 Diego Music CD & DVD
Voyage Cayenne 2006 Diego Music CD & DVD
25 Minutes - Jugement Dernier 2004 Ets. N'Diaye ND15304 CD & DVD
Mouna 2002 Sonima 2 CD
Trinita - Affaire Tonya Tonya 2001 Couleurs Music CM 415100

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