Le Karma Pa

Karma Pa is one of the latest stars from Kinshasa. He grew up with music of Tabu Ley Rochereau and Lutumba Simaro, which might explain the fact that his music is more melodic and with more emphasis on the lyrics than generally in present day Congo music. Therefore, a comparison can be drawn with the music of Koffi Olomide.

At the end of 2003, he released his first album « Je m'appelle toi (Love moi) » and it was an instant success. Both in Congo and elsewhere, the album was well received and sold relatively well, which is not easy in the highly competitive Congolese music scene. The album offers a variety of rhythms, with nice guitar solos. There is not a song on the album that is really disappointing.

Karma Pa can be seen as an exponent of a new generation, a carrier of hope for the continuity of the popularity of Congolese music, currently under pressure from the increasingly popular music from Côte d'Ivoire.

Le Karma Pa
Le Karma Pa  

• Musicians on Je m'appelle toi (Love moi):
Lead vocal Karma Pa
Backing vocals Bogas, Life, Djamalien, Ericson, Y. Lutumba, Syllord, Dede Djasco
Solo guitar Popolino, Eurostar
Mi-solo guitar Stella
Rhythm guitar Ada Muangisa, Mikilison
Bass Lofombo, Mimiche, Mite Bass
Keyboards Philippe Guez, Jean Jacques Synthé
Percussion Simolo
Congas 3615 Niawu
Drums Aladji
Animation (atalaku) Amedo Nkumu, Oasis, Hitler-H

Born: as Kibinda Pembele Jean-Jacques
Style: modern Congolese music, rumba, ngwasuma

Title Year Label Remarks
Caligula, Vol. 2 2017 Karmapa
Caligula, Vol. 1 2017 Karmapa
Le Millionnaire 2013 MM4x4 Mpova Music
Riposte 2007 Ets. Ndiaye ND160/07
Le temps de l'amour 2005 Solfège Universel Productions / Sonima
Je m'appelle toi (Love moi) 2003 ELP Production 8912

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