Reddy Amisi

Reddy Amisi is a talented singer form the Viva La Musica stables. Amisi sung as a child in a church choir, and as he continued singing, his talent was spotted and he started singing in a group called Le Juvénile. Already in 1977, at age of 17, Papa Wemba who was impressed by his voice, asked him to join Viva La Musica but Amisi felt too young yet and preferred to continue his school education first.

Finally in October 1982, after Kester Emeneya had left Viva la Musica with 12 other musicians, Reddy Amisi joined Viva la Musica. He became a principal singer and composed various popular songs, but he was also able to record albums in his own name, backed by Viva la Musica.
When several musicians left Viva la Musica in 1992 to create La Nouvelle Génération de la République Démocratique, he remained loyal to Papa Wemba. At some point (in 1994), he created his own band (with which he recorded the CD « Prudence »), but Papa Wemba was not happy with this initiative, and he took over the band and renamed it into Nouvelle Ecriture.
Reddy Amisi stayed with Viva la Musica until 2002, when he created his own band Casa do Canto. A first album came out early 2003.

Reddy Amisi
Reddy Amisi

Born: September 1960, as Namwisi Ngoy Amisi Mela
Style: Modern Congolese music / soukous

Title Year Label Remarks
Likelemba 2010 Production Clarisse Babo CB003 CD & DVD
Concert Live Maman Angebi 2009 Manu Luvaka Production CD & DVD (also available as 1 DVD)
Ligne droite 2005 Media Diffusion With Casa do Canto
Compteur à zero 2003 Sonodisc CDS 8988 With Casa do Canto
Fin d'exil 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 080 A co-production with Stino
Etoile 1998 Ets. N'Diaye ND062CD
Best of Reddy Amisi 1997 Sonodisc CDS 8830 Compilation
Ziggy 1996 Galaxie GP9710
Prudence 1994 Blue Silver 50380-2
L'injustice 1993 Editions Mayala / FDB 300104
Queen Lina 1996 FDB300046 Compilation CD of the first two LPs
Queen Lina 1990 Mayala 4046 (LP) With Viva la Musica
Salakeba 1987 Mayala 4031 (LP) With Viva la Musica

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