Hadja Soumano

Hadja Soumano (Adja Soumano on the later albums) is one of so many Malian singers that are famous in Mali but hardly known outside West Africa. This is a pity, because her music is a well crafted combination of tradition and modernity, and her voice is both powerful and full of warmth.

The only album available outside Mali was a LP called « Nteri Diaba » produced by Boncana Maiga, and later reissued on one CD together with an album of Tata Bembo Kouyate. The list of contributing musicians reads like the "who is who" in Malian music.

With the album « Kokabéré » she made a comeback, as the album was quite successful in Mali and surrounding countries.

Adja Soumano
 Adja Soumano 
• Musicians on "Nteri Diaba":
Hadja Soumano lead vocals;
Niama Tounkara, Coumba Kane backing vocals;
Djelimady Tounkara lead guitar;
Moussa Diabaté guitar;
Moriba Koïta ngoni;
Djely Mady Diabaté balafon;
P. de Souza drums;
Boncana Maïga keyboards.

Born: in Niantanso, cercle de Kita
Style: mandingo music

Title Year Label Remarks
Kokabéré 2004 Bolibana BIP 405 (76405-2) CD release
Kokabéré 2004 Maestro Sound Mali MSM 009 Cassette release
Best of Hadja Soumano 1995 EMI Mali K7 EMK 004H Tracks from Nteri Diaba / Tounga Magni / Aigles du Mali
Aigles du Mali 1994 EMI Mali K7 Cassette
Tounga Magni 1992 Local cassette SAM 0401924 Cassette
Mali Stars: Hadja Soumano & Tata Bembo 1991 Syllart 38110-2 Nteri Diaba album and Tata Bembo's
album put together on one CD
Nteri Diaba 1989 Syllart SYL 8393 (38771-1) LP

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