SNK (Said Nourou Konaté) is an exponent of the (still relatively) small Malian hip hop scene of the first decade of the 21st century. Already at age of 11, he saw Yeli Fu rap, and Said was instantly infected with the rap and hip hop virus. He joined a group called The Spiritual Brothers but soon left them and he created with a friend C1 Ko Style and they were soon invited in a programme about hip hop on Malian TV.
Later, SNK was invited to work on the album « Fanga Follo » by Fanga Fing, one of the most influential hip hop bands in Bamako at the time. SNK also contributed one song to the Mali Rap 2001 compilation.

As he left for the United States to pursue his studies, there was a short break in his career, but quite unexpectedly a first solo album was anounced early 2003 by Bamako based Invasion Records. The album comprises 9 songs, some of the songs were quite popular on Malian radios.

On the album, there are featurings of Mad M Cool, Doudou Soul, Yeli Fu, Meness, Ta-K-Mi, Fanga Fing, and Mizé of Magic Black Men.

 SNK (Said Nourou Konaté) 
Born: As Said Nourou Konaté
Style: hip hop

Title Year Label Remarks
Toujours Underground 2003 Invasion Records Local cassette/CD production
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