Askia Modibo

Askia Modibo has come a long way before playing reggae: born in a songhai family, but living in a bambara area, he started with traditional bambara songs when he accompanied the herds. His first musical appearance was with the Super Tentemba, an offshoot of the Ambassadeurs. Later, he went to Côte d'Ivoire and played with Alpha Blondy.

By 1988, he released his first cassette and since, he recorded several cassettes, using his real name Modibo Koné when playing mandingo music, and using his artist's name Askia Modibo when playing his wass-reggae (wassoulou-reggae). With star producer Ibrahima Sylla, he recorded « Wass Reggae », together with his band Tjiladeh, the only album thusfar that has reached international release.

Askia Modibo
  Askia Modibo

Born: as Modibo Koné, 1968, in Ké-Macina
Style: reggae

Title Year Label Remarks
Il faut que ça change 2003 Seydoni
Wass Reggae 1996 Stern's STCD 1060 (Originally released on Syllart)
Les Aigles 1994 Syllart 83177 Cassette
Waly-Mousso 1993 Camara Production Cassette
Allah Akbar 1988 Cassette
Albums by Askia Modibo & Bamnaya:
Djiguiya 198? Cassette
Solo albums by Askia Modibo:
Wass Manding l'an 2000 Vol. IIA 199? Local cassette E028591-4
Wass Manding l'an 2000 Vol. II 199? Local cassette AM91007
Wass Manding l'an 2000 Vol. I 199? Local cassette E018491-4

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