Abdoulaye Diabaté

Abdoulaye Diabaté started making music at a very young age by singing and playing drums at celebrations. Later he was member of theatre groups, which made music as well. By 1976, he joined the Orchestre Régionale de Ségou. He became known to the Malian public as the lead singer of Koulé Star from Koutiala and Kéné Star from Sikasso. The latter band won the first price of the 1986 and 1988 Biennales. Since 1988, he records albums in his own name, although at first still accompanied by some members of Kéné Star. Later, he engaged more family members in his group.

Abdoulaye Diabaté is now a well respected artist in Mali, but he is also increasingly successful internationally. On his latest album, « Samory », he is accompanied by a full band of electric and acoustic instruments, including balafon and various percussion instruments.

Note: there is another Abdoulaye Diabaté, born in Kela (and related to Kassemady Diabaté), who is a singer and guitar player, who has performed and recorded in North America.

Abdoulaye Diabaté
  Abdoulaye Diabaté

• Musicians on Bende:
Abdoulaye Diabaté vocals, djembé (track 7)
Modibo Diabaté vocals, flute (track 8), balafon (tracks 1-3)
Safre Coulibaly guitar, djembe
Yacouba Ballo guitar
Issa Samake bass
Souleymane Sissoko ngoni
Adama Coulibaly drums

Born: 1952 in Cinzana (South-East of Ségou)
Style: Bambara music

Title Year Label Remarks
Samory 2002 Cobalt 09354-2 With Koutiala Orchestra
Makan 2000 Syllart SYLLAF 96173 Compilation of new songs and songs from cassette Koule Star
Bendé 1998 Cobalt 09287-2
Djiriyo 1995 Stern's STCD 1066 Tracks from Tabale & Namawou
Tabale 1993 EMI Mali 83178 Cassette
Namawou 1992? Syllart SYL 83135 Cassette
Kassikoun 1989 Syllart 38765-2 (SYL 8387) With Kéné Star
Album by Koulé Star de Koutiala :
Mamou Diallo [n.d.] S017 Cassette
Massadjourou 1988 [No label] Cassette

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