Fodé Kouyaté (1958-1997)

Fodé Kouyaté was an innovating griot and kora-player, trying to bridge tradition and modernity. After having won the prestigious price RFI Prix Découverte in 1991, he recorded the high-tech album « Anka Wili ». Three years later, a more traditional album followed, carrying the title « Djelia ». Sadly, he died in 1997.

His silky voice reminds of that of Ismael Lô, who actually features as invited guest singer on the « Anka Wili » album.

Fodé Aliou's father was part of the Orchestre de Kita even before Mali's independence, but he died when Fodé was nine years old. His mother didn't encourage the young Fodé as she disliked music (cf. Nago Seck: Afrisson article) but an uncle of Fodé, Badié Sissoko inspired him a lot. He took him to various ceremonies where music always plays a major role. Later, another uncle, the famous Batrou Sekou Kouyaté came into his life and from him he learnt to love the kora instrument. In the early 1980s, Fodé Kouyaté started his musical career, first in a theatre ensemble, then in the Orchestre Régional de Kita, Orchestre de Kayes and the Félou Star.
Fodé Kouyaté lived in Côte d'Ivoire during 10 years before leaving for France. He was married with Batrou Sekou Kouyaté's daughter Diamy Kouyaté, together they have 3 children.

Musiciens dans l'album Anka Wili:
Fodé Kouyaté chant lead, flûte, kora
Mama Keita, Mama Kouyaté, Awa Maïga choeurs
Sayon Cissokho (died in 2002, r.i.p.) ngoni
Cesar Ano Kouakou basse
Thio Mbaye percussions dans « Simbo » et « Diouma »
Papa Kouyaté percussion dans « Den » et « Tamba »
Kemo Kouyaté, Djely Moussa Kouyaté guitare
Ismael Lô chant dans « Diouma »
Cheikh Tidiane Seck claviers, production
Michel Lorentz batterie, programmation, Veronica Sageder saxophone, Pierre Chabrel trombone, Jean-Luc De Joani trompette, Laurent Romain claviers dans « Vanille et Chocolat »

Fodé Aliou Kouyaté
 Fodé Aliou Kouyaté 

Né : comme Fodé Aliou Kouyaté, 1963 à Kita (selon plusieurs sources sur le net, 1958 est mise en avant comme l'année de naissance)
Décédé : 25 octobre 1996 à l'hôpital Point G de Bamako (selon plusieurs sources sur le net, 1997 est mise en avant comme l'année de décès)
Style : musique mandingue / musique de kora

Titre  Année   Maison de disques   Remarques 
Djelia 1996 Celluloid 66947-2 CD
Anka Wili 1993 Syllart/Mélodie 38123-2 CD
Hommage 1989 Tek Records/Ness Music NS 6052 LP

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