Maciré Sylla

Maciré Sylla, whose mother was an artist too, became at young age engaged in music and dance via the Ballet Soleil d’Afrique. In 1989, the founder of Africa Djolé, Bruno Camara was impressed by her talent, and soon Maciré became the singer of Fatala, a group set up by Bruno Camara, playing semi-traditional Guinean music from their base in the Netherlands. Fatala would later record on the famous Realworld label in the 1990s.

In 1994, Maciré left Fatala, and settled in Switzerland with Cédric Asséo, whom she had met in Guinea. Together, they established a new band, Djembé Faré and performed regularly in Switzerland and recorded the album « Mariama » in 1997. The album struck world music aficionados because of its mix of traditional rhythms and melodies from Guinea with the use of electric guitars played by European musicians. But also in Guinea the album was successful.

Throughout the first decade of the next century, she produced several albums, on which she takes this innovative approach yet further. The band name Djembé Faré is not mentioned as prominently on later albums anymore.

Maciré Sylla
Maciré Sylla

Born: 1970, in Conakry
Style: modernised traditional music / mandingo music

Title Year Label Remarks
Talitha 2010 Djembé-Faré
Massa 2005 Empreinte Digitale ED13218 Re-packaged and re-released in October 2005
Massa 2005 Djembé-Faré prod. DFCD 38518
Sarefi 2004 Arion ARN 64649 Collection Ethnomad
Maya Irafama 2001 BMG/Trace
Mariama 1997 Arcade/Misslin 301949-2

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