Les Espoirs de Coronthie

Les Espoirs de Coronthie is the second group that became hugely popular with their "tradi-moderne" music, comparable to that of Etoiles de Boulbinet. Hailing from Coronthie, a densely populated district of Guinea's capital Conakry, they sing mainly in Soussou and French, and appeal to the public for both their semi-traditional music, inspired by the coastal region's folklore, as for their lyrics. Formed by young musicians of Coronthie, they produced their first albums themselves and not without success, as their second album « Dunuya Igiri » sold 70,000 times, predominantly in Guinea. It was their breakthrough album, and was recorded in the Magson Studio in Conakry. When in Conakry, you can hear their music everywhere in the streets, in bars, shops, taxis, and on the radio. With their first album, Les Espoirs won the Djembe d'or award 2002, with the second album the Djembe d'or 2004 award.

The three lead singers Mangue, Sanso (Sang chaud) and Machete have strong, sometimes even harsh voices, very different one from the other, and they are for a large part responsible for the success the group has met. With the help of band member and arranger Antoine Amigues, the Espoirs de Coronthie toured in France in summer 2007 where they gained acclaim from the French public during 26 concerts, and they came back in summer 2008.
Late 2007, they recorded a new album « Tinkhinyi » in the Bogolan studio in Bamako (Mali). The album was released in Guinea in 2008 and can be ordered at Wountanara Association in France.

Les Espoirs de Coronthie
The three singers of Les Espoirs, Mangué, Sanso and Machete.
Photo: courtesy Les Espoirs/A. Amigues
Musicians on the "Tinkhinyi" album:
"Mangue" Bouba Camara lead vocals;
"Sanso" Aly Sylla lead vocals;
"Machete" Sory Dondo Touré lead vocals;
Djéliké Camara balafon, guitar;
Kandia Kouyaté kora, backing vocals;
Antoine Amigues guitar, bass and vocals;
Eric Amara Camara bolon, backing vocals;
Colga Nouha Camara calebash, batta, backing vocals;
"Stand By" Ibrahima Sylla bongo
Mohamed « Boy » Camara gongoma, backing vocals
Mohamed Oularé Tarra castagnettes;
Kizano djembé
Laurent castagnettes;
Petit Festodi backing vocals;
Olivier Longre harmonica (12);
Pierre Lebourgeois violoncello (1);
Adama Yalomba n'goni (8);
Alou Sam vocals (12).

Created: 1999, in Conakry, Guinea
Style: popular folkore

Title Year Label Remarks
20 ans de carrière 2016 TWS
Fougou Fougou 2013 Chapter Two International release
Justice 2012 Fougou Fougou Faga Faga & Danf Production CD-R, African release
Tinkhinyi 2008 Wountanara wounta/2008/1/1 CD
Wokhöyikhi 2005 Distribution DS Vibrations Maxi-single cassette 6 tracks
Dunuya Igiri 2004 Self-produced Local cassette
Patriote 2002 Self-produced Local cassette

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