Longuè Longuè

Longuè Longuè (Longuè means life) is one of the latest stars in Cameroon since his huge hit « Ayo Africa » in 2001. After a difficult youth, where he lost his mother when he was still a child and he had to live with his uncle in Yabassi, he eventually ended up in the streets of Bessengue neighbourhood in Douala. Simon Longkana, as his real name is, was disappointed that he hadn't much to expect from his family, but he didn't want to stay in the street and he struggled to proof that he was able to reach a goal he had set for himself. He built a guitar and a drum kit from recycled materials and started singing in bars in popular areas of Douala and Yaounde. During that period, he had already played with Sergeo Polo and Belka Tobis.

Eventually, singer and producer Prince Eyango, who has a good nose for new talents, showed interest and produced his first album « Ayo Africa » which became an enormous success in Cameroon, because people appreciated his lyrics addressing hot issues such as the economic domination and exploitation by the West. He thus earned himself the nickname of Le Libérateur.
Two years later, the follow-up album « Privatisation » has the difficult task of living up to the expectations of the public. The album, with a cover version of « Crise économique », originally from Gabon's Hilarion Nguema, had a slow start in Cameroon, but in the end one song « Demander à Dieu » gained popularity on Cameroon's dance floors.

His career stagnated after accusations of rape in 2005. He was in custody in France for a while. When he went in appeal, he was granted permission to travel to Cameroon in August 2008. He was judged in 2010, later released to be able to travel again. This enabled him to continue recording a few new albums.

• Musicians on « Privatisation »:
Bisou Bass (Christian Bang) bass
Eric Sefu solo guitar (1, 3, 4, 6)
Dally Kimoko solo guitar (2, 5)
Mouasso Elame & Jimmy Njoume Eitel rhythm guitar
Conti-Bilong caisse claire
Nkono Telex keyboards et programming
36-15 Code Niawu percussion (1, 2, 4)
Monique Moka, Joly Priso, Bill-M & Eric Penda backing vocals

Born: 1973, in Douala as Simon Longkana Agno
Style: makossa

Longue Longue
 Longue Longue   

Title Year Label Remarks
Afrique unie, monnaie unique 2015 A.E.N.M.C.
Ne Jugez Point 2014 M2JC
Child Of God 2011 Longkana Prod
A bas Judas 2010 NBK Productions
Le libérateur libéré 2006 JPS Production
Privatisation 2003 Preya Music / Sonima SM 1458
Ayo Africa 2001 Preya Music 0012

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