Viviane Etienne

Viviane Etienne has become a well-known name in Cameroonian music in 2004, yet she has been involved much longer before. She started singing as a child in a church choir, and later she sung in the school orchestra in the town of Mfou (50 km West of the capital Yaoundé). The singer Beko Sadey was her musical icon at the time.

Her first professional musical experience was with the famous band Zangalewa de la garde Républicaine where she had the difficult task to replace Annie Anzouer. Her musical mentor then was the lead singer Ze Bella. Soon, Viviane Etienne set her priorities towards her studies (In Cameroon and later in France) and she started a career outside music. However, her love for music was stronger and through contacts with various friends, actually active in music, she re-entered the music scene, on a part-time base. Her album « Tendresse », offering songs in the pure tradition of makossa, as well as one bikutsi track and a particularly strong assiko song, has been voted Album of the month August 2004 on panafrican radio station Africa No1.

• Musicians on « Tendresse »:
Music, lyrics and vocals: Viviane Etienne
Arrangements: Dody (1,2,3) Fanfan (4,5,6,7), Victorien Essono
Programming: Fanfan and Georgio
Solo guitar: Bobby James de Nguimé (1,2), Petit Emma Samba (3), Défense (2), Manulo and Dany Muanga
Rhythm guitar: Bobby James de Nguimé (1,2), Petit Emma Samba (3), Défense (2)
Bass: Bisou Bass (Christian Bang) (1,2,3)
Saxophone: Kayou
Keyboards & brass: Donguy
Arrangements Keyboards & brass: Dody
Background vocals: Ruth Kotto, Fabo Claude, Nono Flavie
Drums: Dody Drums
Talking drum: Moussa Cissoko
Live percussion: Petit Guy (1,2,3)
Recording studios: Studio Chauve Souris, by Jacques Belinga (1,2,3)
Studio Makassi by Sam Fan Thomas and J. Talla (4,5,6,7)
Mixing: Studio Chauve Souris, by Jacques Belinga

Style: Makossa, assiko, bikutsi, afro-pop

Viviane Etienne
 Viviane Etienne   

Title Year Label Remarks
Tendresse 2004 Nofra/Atoll Music AT 9037
Sensuelle 2001 Local production

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