Samy Diko

Samy Diko (sometimes written as Sammy Diko) is part of a younger generation of new makossa singers. Formerly member of Petit Pays' group Les Sans Visas, where he was a lead singer, he left this group to pursue a solo career. In 1997, he thus recorded his first album « Mon Mari », which encountered a remarkable success in Cameroon. Samy Diko went to Paris where he lives until now, and more albums followed. In 2000, Samy Diko was nominated for the 2000 All African Kora Awards.

His 2003 album « Persévérance », that was released internationally in December of that year, shows a well-balanced mix of dancable makossa and makossa-love (the style made popular by Petit Pays).

Musicians on Persévérance:
Guy Nsangue bass
Caen & Briscard guitar
Briscard solo guitar
Bellow Kumba drums
Thiery Galion keyboards
Joëlle Essoh & Charlotte Dipanda backing vocals

Born: as Samuel Raoul Dikongue
Style: Makossa, Makossa-love
Samy Diko
 Samy Diko  

Title Year Label Remarks
Diko 2012 Soleil Sud Prod
Renaissance 2009 ES Music / Diko Production
Persévérance 2003 Simon Music SIPE 29366
Merci 2002 Simon Music SIPE
Evolution 1999 Simon Music SIPE
Mon mari 1998 DMS

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