Dina Bell

Dina Bell is born in a musical family in Douala-Akwa. He grew up in the same city and went to school and college in Akwa. Second son of a family of 7 children, he started singing in a church choir. This interfered with his law study and he soon abandoned university. In 1978, he recorded his first album « Yoma Yoma » that was released in Cameroon without his approval, while Dina was in France. The album was a considerable success though, and he released several albums throughout the 1980s. During that decade, he was among the most important makossa singers, with his melodic but pure makossa and his sweet voice.

With the downfall of makossa, Dina Bell's career suffered and the presence of pirated copies of his latest album had a demoralising effect on the artist. He lives the better part of the year in France, and spends the rest in Cameroon. In recent years, he has created a recording studio and he plans to dedicate much of his time to young artists and promote their talents, he will therefore spend more time in Cameroon. In February 2004, he was attacked by four men when coming home late at night. He was brought in hospital with head injuries and a broken arm. After a short coma in a Douala hospital, he recovered quickly.

Musicians on the album "Mélodies roses":
Dina Bell lead vocals;
Guy Bilong drums, programming, percussion;
Rigo Star guitar;
Syllo Ekwe guitar;
Ambassa Moustique guitar;
Toto Guillaume guitar;
Hilaire Penda bass;
Touré Aladji bass, arrangments;
Jean-Yves Messan bass;
Smith Hallaire percussion;
Phillipe Guez keyboards;
Alain Hatot, Eric Josseran (=Giausserand), Jacques Bolognesi brass;
Grace Decca, Monique Lesueur, Barbara Akabla, Ndedi Dibango backing vocals.

Born: as Charles Dina Ebongue, 28 May 1953, in Douala, Cameroon
Style: Makossa

Georges Dickson
 Georges Dickson   

Title Year Label Remarks
Rebirth 2009 Bazor BAZ 080 CD
The best of Dina Bell Volume 1 2004 Compilation
Tobo Tobo 2002 Mélodie / Bazor BAZ 060 CD
Millenium Collection Volume 1 200? Bazor CD
Tempête !!! 1999 Simon Music SIPE CD
Silencieusement 1999 Mélodie
Nika na nika 1998 Preya Music CD
The very best of Dina Bell 1997 Mélodie Compilation
La force tranquille : L'essentiel 1991 Sono/Next Music 49911 LP/CD/Cassette
Mélodies roses 1988 Haissam Records MH 108 LP
Poko Poko 1986 Bazor BAZ040 LP
Blow 1984 Bazor BAZ030 LP
Etom'Am 1983 Bazor BAZ020 LP
Longè 1981 Bazor BAZ010 LP
Mbemb'a Iyo 1980 Ebeny ERI 01 LP
Yoma Yoma 1978 Azengue Productions 12" Maxi-Single


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