(Burkina Faso)

Kantala, born Abdoulaye Traoré, hails from Bobo-Dioulasso, the second city of Burkina Faso. Of Senufo ethnicity, his family does not reveal to the young Abdoulaye the fact that his grandfather, Donso, was actually a musician, and Kantala therefore had to learn all by himself to play a variety of instruments. Eventually he chooses the kora and the n'goni. He develops a style of his own, tafdjani, mixing traditional Senufo music with modern styles, such as blues, pop, salsa and reggae.

He started to perform in 1998, and he made several albums, such as « BaKô, l'autre rive » (2006), « Dounouya » (2010) and an EP « AfriK » released in 2015. Kantala toured in West Africa (Niger, Senegal), and also in Europe, more precisely in France, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and in 2013. He also composed music for movies, for example for the movie « L'enfant des autres » by O. Nikiéma (2009), for documentaries and for publicity spots.

In 2016, Kantala made a new single « Ites Green and Gold (Yiriba) » featuring Jamaican Winston Mc Anuff.


Musicians on the album AfriK:
Abdoulaye Traore alias Kantala lead vocals, backing vocals, Kora, N'goni (all tracks)
Oumarou Diarra drums (all tracks)
Grégoire Yameogo bass (all tracks)
Issouf Diabaté guitar (2,3,4)
Yirimegna Ulrich Ouedraogo keyboards (2,4)
Théo Croix violin (1,3)
Lalo Zanelli piano (1)
Michela Musco backing vocals (1)
Xavier Cobo Saxophone (4)
Lyrics: Abdoulaye Traore alias Kantala (all tracks), Victor Démé (1), Humanist (4)
Music: Abdoulaye Traore alias Kantala (all tracks), Xavier Tutein (1)
Arranger (all tracks) : Théo Croix, Abdoulaye Traore alias Kantala

Born: 1976, as Abdoulaye Traoré
Style: tafdjani, afro-blues, afro-pop, afro-folk

Title Year Label Remarks
Jardin d'hiver / Antalo 2019 Nol@music EP
Ites Green and Gold (Yiriba) 2016 Nol@music Single
AfriK 2015 Nol@music 4-Track EP
Dounouya 2010 Seydoni Productions
BaKô, l'autre rive 2006 Seydoni Productions

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