Safary is a group of three very talented singers hailing from Dakar. Khadija, born from Lebu and Mandingo parents, Maria, born from Serer and Mandingo parents, and Defa, from Peul (Fulani) parents, met at the lycée Mixte Maurice Delafosse in Dakar. All interested in music, they started to sing together. They recorded a first single « Fighting » in 2009, and soon, a second single « Art-Bi » followed, both produced by the label Gelongal. The fair success of the first songs enabled them to continue a career in music and in 2012, a first album « Inata » was released.

In 2018, they released an EP with 6 tracks, « Destination Senegal », with hits such as « Mon chocolat » » and « Faut pas forcer ».
By then, their name had changed from Safari to Safary, possibly because the visibility on the internet of the name Safari was very limited. During the following years, several singles were released. Examples are « Allo » (2020), « Nioun Laa » (featuring Brandy Moja & Sonia [Diop], 2021), « Tokoss » (featuring Bass Thioung, 2021), « Excuse my Jongue » (2021) and « Il est temps » (2021).
In 2022, two singles followed, « Jigguen Le » and « Day Nieuwat », and in 2023, the Safary Queens released two more songs, viz. « Deuk Bi Yeungou » and « Medaille Bi ».

Safary Queens
Safary Queens
(from left to right: Maria-Defa-Khadija)  

The three Safary Queens:
Khadija - Khadidiatou Bayo born: Ouakam (Dakar);
Maria - Marietou Koté Cissé born: Medina (Dakar);
Defa - Khadiatou Sow born: Ouakam (Dakar);

Created: 2007
Style: mbalax - RnB

Title Year Label Remarks
Destination Senegal 2018 Keyzit EP (digital)
Inata 2012 Gelongal

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