Omar Ka & the Fula Band

Omar Ka was born in the northern part of Senegal which is an area where the nomadic way of life was still vivid. Periods of drought forced many of the fulani (peul) to leave the region for the capital Dakar.

At young age Omar started to sing and dance, and in 1991 he formed the Fula Band. In 1995 he visited the Netherlands where he met many musicians playing various styles of music. From 1996 onward, he stayed in Rotterdam permanently and he recorded a first CD with two musical friends, Hanyo van Oosterom and Willem Cramer, with the title H.O.W. (which stands for the initials of the three musicians involved, Hanyo, Omar and Willem). On this album, the three musicians searched for a symbiosis of ambient music and african roots. In 2000, Omar released a new album with the Fula Band.

Omar Ka
Fula Band with Omar Ka (2nd from left)  
In 2007, Omar teamed up with Mark Alban Lotz and created a crossover project with the name A Fula's Call, of which a new album « Liingu » was the result.

Born: 4 April 1973
Style: Senegalese folk / Afro-Fulani-Beat

Title Year Label Remarks
Kawral 2023 Self-produced
Soruuna 2004 Self-produced (Distribution: XMD)
Mbaaranaabe / Nomad 2000 Self-produced (Distribution: Bertus Distributie)
H.O.W. 1997 Steaming Soundworks With Hanyo van Oosterom and Willem Cramer
Albums by A Fula's Call (Mark Lotz meets Omar Ka):
Liingu 2008 Loplop Productions LLR 022


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