Kiné Lam

Kiné Lam is one of the most famous female voices of Senegal since the late 1980s. She was the first woman singer in Senegal to form her own band, and the first to sing in the modern mbalax style.

As early as in 1972, she started a traditional group that used to play in various cities and towns. Subsequently, she joined the Theatre Daniel Sorano in Dakar, the only national theater in Senegal. She was an artist in residence for 12 years.

In 1989 she left the theatre and started the group Le Kaggu, which stands for "library". Her first album, « Cheick anta Mbacké » produced a number-one hit in 1989, and she has been voted Senegal's best female vocalist three times.

During the 1990s, she was very productive and released numerous albums. Married for many years with Ndongo Malick Coumba Thiam, surnamed 'Dogo', she became widow in 2019, as her husband died after years of illness.

Kiné Lam
Kiné Lam  

Members of Le Kaggu (as stated on cassette Leer-Gui):
Ndeye Fatou Ndiaye: backing vocals;
Sibérou Mboup 'Chuck Berry' (died 25/26 April 2020): backing vocals, composer;
Ndiaye Samb Mboup: backing vocals;
Iba Ndiaye : keyboards, backing vocals;
Ibrahima 'Itou' Dieng : bass;
Massaër Samb : drums;
El Hadj Ibrahima Ndiaye : sabar;
Ousseynou Mboup : tama;
Yakhya Fall : guitar

Born: in Dakar
Style: mbalax

Title Year Label Remarks
Makkaarimal Axlaa 2009 [no label] CD
Cey Geer 2003 Jololi Cassette
Le retour 1998 Jololi Cassette
Sey 1998 World Connection 43004 CD (international release)
Sunu Thiossane 2 1997 [No label] Cassette
Praise 1996 Shanachie SHCD 64062 CD (international release)
Deurbi 1996 Kiné Production Cassette
Noreyni 1995 Talla Diagne KSF 15 Cassette
Borom Taïf 1995 Talla Diagne Cassette
Sunu Cossaan No. 1 1995 [No label] Cassette
Leer-Gui (Hors-série) 1992 KSF Cassette
Galass (Vol. 3) 1991 [Studio 2000] Cassette
Balla Aïssa Boury 1990 Talla Diagne KSF 004 Cassette
Cheickh Anta Mbacke 1988 Syllart Production 38764-1 [SYL8388] LP
Kiné Lam & le Super Etoile (Vol. 1) 1981 Touba Auto-Cassettes Cassette
Album by Kiné Lam et Soda Mama Fall:
Kiné Lam et Soda Mama: Les Lionnes 1991 Syllart Production 38112-2 CD, serie Sene Stars

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