Super Mama Djombo
(Guinee Bissau)

Super Mama Djombo has been established at the occasion of the political independence of Guinée Bissau. The ruling party wanted to promote a modern music of Bissau. Having the status of a National Group they were sent to represent the country at various occasions. The band has been successful over the decades under the leadership of Adriano Atchutchi modernising the gumbe rhythm, played by the lambats, the griots of Guinée-Bissau.

In 1992, they made the sound track of the movie « Udju Azul di Yonta » by Flora Gomes. The music of this movie was released on CD in 1996.

• Musicians on "Udju azul di Yonta":
Adriano Atchutchi: Lyrics & music;
Tino Trimo, Dulce Neves, Victor Caùdo: vocals;
Valdir: bass;
Uie: drums;
Paulino Vieira: Keyboards;
Miguelinho: saxophone;
Narciso: solo guitar;
Mariano: guitar;
Armando: percussion
Super Mama Djombo
 Super Mama Djombo   

Creation: 1973, in Bissau
Style: Goumbé

Title Year Label Remarks
Super Mama Djombo 2015 New Dawn ND001 Compilation
Best of Super Mama Djombo 2012 Grounded Music CDGR011 Compilation
Ar Puro 2008 Smekkleysa (Bad Taste Records)
Super Mama Djombo 2003 Cobiana Records COB02 1979 recordings
Homenage A José Carlos Schwarz 1999 BAL 00699 CD
Les yeux bleus de Yonta / Udju azul di Yonta 1996 Cobalt 09277-2 CD
Tradicionalmente Djombe 1980 Maxi-Music LP, CD reissue: 2002
A Memória de N'Famara Mané 1983 SMD 005 LP
Mandjuana 1983 SMD 004 LP
Sol Maior para el Commandante 1983 SMD 003 LP
Festival 1980 SMD 002 LP
Na Cambança 1980 SMD 001 LP

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