Oliver N'Goma (1959-2010)

Oliver N'Goma is probably the best known Gabonese singer, as his afro-zouk hits have been (and still are) extremely popular in large parts of Africa. Especially his early hit « Bané » is a well-known song on the dance floors, although people probably not always know that the singer comes from Gabon, a country that has not been able to export its music to other African countries nor outside the continent.

In 1971, he entered the Orchestre Capo-Sound, together with singer François N'Gwa, during this period he started playing guitar and composing his first songs. After a brief period where he was part of a group called Kounabeli he was recruited by the national television as cameraman.

Although he had a regular job now, he didn't abandon music and eventually he recorded a first album with the help of Ray Lema as producer who he had met in Paris.

After « Bané » he made a second album « Adia », also produced by Ray Lema, with the same easy-going afro-zouk he had become famous for. His 2001 album « Seva » offers a different perspective with more variation in styles.

Olivier N'Goma, as his real name was, died in 2010 after kidney failure.

Oliver N'Goma
  Oliver N'Goma 

Born: 23 March 1959, in Mayumba (Nyanga Province, South Gabon); died 7 June 2010 in Libreville
Style: afro-zouk

Title Year Label Remarks
Best of Oliver N'Goma 2024 Lusafrica (Lusafrica 35th Anniversary Edition)
Saga 2006 Lusafrica 46261-2
Best of Oliver N'Goma 2003 Lusafrica 36297-2
Seva 2001 Lusafrica 36246-2
Adia 1995 Lusafrica 26289-2 Also under reference 08759-2
Bane 1990 Sonodisc CD 53171 Noli Productions, CD re-release 1994

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