M'Toro Chamou

M'Toro Chamou is a musician born on the Island of Mayotte, part of the Comoro archipelago, but has - politically seen - always been part of French overseas territories, and is now a French Department since 2011, following the results of the 2009 referendum. M'Toro Chamou (M'Toro stands for one who has refused slavery) started his musical path with a Mayotte hip hop outfit M'Tsapéré Power. With his guitar, he mixed rap and hip hop with the traditional M'Godro music.

In 1996 he went to Paris, where he worked with Baco and Mikidache, both pioneers in Mayotte music. He recorded several solo albums, such as « Kaza N'goma » (1998), « Retour aux sources » (1999), « M'lango » (2002), and « Bwé Foro » (2004), and participated in various collective projects with Mikidache and others, carrying the name Tsenga.

After 16 years in France, of which 8 years in the city of Nantes, M'Toro Chamou wanted to go back to Mayotte, but in absence of production facilities and even a proper venue to rehearse, he chose to settle on the Island of Réunion, 1500km to the South East of Mayotte. It was on Réunion where he recorded a new album « Punk Islands », on which he continues his quest for developing his music based on traditional M'Godro, addressing issues as the chaotic situation on Mayotte and the Comoros, between the influence of neo-colonialism and modernisation on the one hand, and losing their cultural identity on the other hand. He sings mainly in shimaore (mahorais in French).

M'Toro Chamou
M'Toro Chamou
(photo: JP Fauliau)

Born: 1974 (as Chamsidini Momed), in M'tsapéré, Mayotte, Comores Islands
Style: Afro-folk, afro-pop-rock, mgodro

Title Year Label Remarks
Sika Mila 2019 Quart de Lune Inouie Distribution
Punk Islands 2016 Quart de Lune / Idol
Tsenga 2 2011 Bouquin Affamé Productions Collective album by M'Toro & Mikidache
On va bouger 2011 Bouquin Affamé Productions EP, collective album by M'Toro & Nassadjah
Changer 2009
Tsenga 2008 Cobalt Collective album by M'Toro & Mikidache
Bwé Foro 2004 M'Toro Chamou/Groove Ethnik Music
M'Lango 2002 CDC
Retour aux sources 1999 El-anis Production
Kaza N'goma 1998 El-anis Production

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