Boolumbal is the result of the musical encounter of Mauritanian singer and guitar player Malick Dia and French bass player and blues aficionado Nicolas Lebault. Malick Dia hails from the town of Kaédi in the south of Mauritania, on the borders of the Senegal river. The small town is mainly a market town, where moorish, pular and soninké communities meet. Malick started being involved in music in the 1990s. He produced a first cassette in Senegal in 1995 (« Caali Mbayla »). In 2002, he settled in Paris.

Nicolas Lebault has been studying and playing blues music for two decades, and through his passion for blues he has become interested in working with African artists. When the two musicians met, they started playing songs from Malick Dia's repertoire, then added new songs and invited various guests, such as Baba Galle Kanté (worked with Sekouba Bambino), Makan Tounkara (worked with Salif Keita, Amy Koita), Yohan Rochetta (from La Palinka), Mohammed Cissoko (worked with Mamadi Keita, Orchestre National de Guinée), Jerry Lipkins (Tom Novembre, Trilok Gurtu), Mamané Thiam (worked with Fallou Dieng, Cheickh Lo), and Awa Camara (worked with Baaba Maal)...
The result is a much anticipated album of bluesy guitar based music from the Senegal River valley, with influences from folk and jazz, using a variety of instruments (accordeon, violon, guitars, balafon, kora, fula flute, contrabass, electric piano, drums, guembri, nianiorou, houdou, ngoni, djembé and tama). The lyrics by Abdoul Aziz Ba are adding a poetic tinge to the compositions. Boolumbal (meaning Bird of the River, seen as a good luck bird in the shared belief of the people from the Valley of the Senegal river) is touring in Europe in 2009 to promote their debut album.

Musicians on Fuuta Blues:
Malick Dia guitar, vocals
Nicolas Lebault bass
Pierre Adjoussou drums
Fodé Sacko ngoni
Mohamed Cissoko balafon, guitar
Bao Sissoko kora
Ousseymoun Diouf percussion
René Sopa accordeon
Jerry Lypkins keyboards
Awa Camara vocals
Samba Kaba djembé, sabar
Dramane Dembelé Peul Flute
Yohan Rochetta violin

Boolumbal on stage
  Boolumbal on stage 
Style: Afro-folk

Title Year Label Remarks
Fuuta Blues 2009 Playasound PS 66413

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