Aster Aweke

The music of Aster Aweke is one of the most popular Ethiopian artists of a younger generation. In the past 30 years or so, singers like Mahmoud Ahmed and bands like the Roha band and the Wallis Band performed in Ethiopian night clubs, sport stadiums and sold hundreds of thousands of cassettes, but little of this was known to the West until the 1990s.
Ethiopian music is quite different from music of other African countries, with bluesy and soul influences, the use of the piano and a distinct horn section. Nowadays, the keyboard is widely in use, but, surprisingly, this harms the power of the melodies and haunting rhythms much less than could be expected.

Based in New York since the early 1980s, Aster Aweke adds her talent and expressive voice and partly thanks to the pioneering British World Music label Triple Earth, her talent was also recognised outside of the Ethiopian community through the release of her first two international albums, « Aster » and « Kabu ».

• Musicians on Hagere:
Henock Temesgen: bass, backing vocals
Abegasu K. Shiota: keyboards, backing vocals
Kevin Salem: guitar
Fasil Wuhib: bass, backing vocals
Grant Stewart: saxophone
Evan Dobbins: trombone
John Sneider: trumpet

Aster Aweke
 Aster Aweke 
Born: Around 1960, in Gondar
Style: Ethiopian soul

Title Year Label Remarks
Ćhewa 2019 Kabu Records
Ewedihalehu 2013 Kabu Records
Checheho 2010 Kabu Records
Fikir 2007 Kabu Records
Aster's Ballads 2004 Kabu Records 003-2
Sugar 2002 Kabu Records 002-2
Hagere 1999 Kabu Records 001-2
Live in London 1997 Barkhanns BARKCD 102
Ebo 1993 Barkhanns 2222-2
Kabu 1991 Triple Earth Terra 110 Also on Columbia CK 47846
Aster 1989 Triple Earth Terra 107 Also on CBS

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