Chata Addy & Susuma

Chata Addy is a Ghanian-born percussionist and highlife musicians, based in Portland, Oregon. He learnt to dance and play drums through his father, Tete Kojo Addy, who was a respected composer, drummer and dancer.
Chata has played in various band, such as his father's Red Boneh that won the Ghanian National Dance Competition. Later, he performed with his uncle Yukubu Addy, and in Portland with Kukrudu and Okropong, two bands led by another uncle Obo Addy. He also played on various studio recordings of other artists, such as I.K. Dairo and King Sunny Ade.

Both in Africa and in the US, Chata taught African dance and percussion (tri-conga) for 15 years now.
After two solo albums, he made a CD with his band Susuma (meaning soul in his native Ga language). With this 8 piece band, composed of American and Ghanian musicians, he regularly performs, offering an upbeat blend of traditional African rhythms and modern world music styles, resulting in a funky highlife inviting people to dance.

Chata Addy suffered from a stroke in 2013, and although he fought his way back, he died 2018.

Chata Addy
   Chata Addy   

Born: 28 January 1960, in Ghana
Died: 8 December 2018, in Portland
Style: Afro-reggae and Highlife

Title Year Label Remarks
This is what I feel 1998 Chata Addy With Susuma
The Children 1994 Chata Addy
Shi Dah 1990 CD Baby (2008 Reissue)

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