Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso

Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso was for a few years the hottest act in Zaire of the early 1970s. Madjesi, a composition of the first letters of the names of the singers Mario Matadidi Mabele, Loko Massengo "Djeskain" and Saak "Sinatra" Sakoul, made a joyful mix of Zairean music and soul music in the style of the then so popular James Brown, who came to Zaire in 1972. Their costumes and appearance were James Brown-inspired and their lyrics and overall approach was full of humour. Their song « Sex Madjesi », renamed in « Sosoliso na Sosoliso », on the album « Trio Madjesi volume 1 » is an excellent example of their style, with that rolling rhythm lead by the guitars, with James Brown inspired licks.

The individual members of the trio had earned their fame in other bands. Marcel Loko Massengo's career began in Jamel National, and continued through Négro Succès, Vox Africa and Orchestre Vévé. The other two members, Mario Mabele and Saak Sakoul (also written as Saak Saakul) equally left Orchestre Vévé before forming Trio Madjesi. After the first years of success throughout Africa, their fame faded. There were some attempts to continue the saga, but without great success. Between 1978 and 1980, Loko Massengo was part of a trio Les Trois Frères, together with Youlou Mabiala and Boyibanda. After departure of Mabiala, he made an album with Boyibanda « Michel Boyibanda & Loko Massengo avec L'International Orchestre Rumbaya ». In recent years, Djeskain has participated in the rumba revival band Kékélé.

Trio Madjesi's song « 8ème round » about a match of boxing legend Mohammed Ali against Foreman in Kinshasa on 30 October 1974 can be found on the compilation CD « Hits & Misses-Muhammad Ali And The Ultimate Sound », issued by Trikont in 2003.

Trio Madjesi
Trio Madjesi 

• Main musicians in Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso:
Lead vocal:
Mario Matadidi Mabele (born 1942 in Zaire from Angolese parents)
Loko Massengo Marcel "Djeskain" (born 1947 in Lépoldville (now Kinshasa), from parents from Congo-Brazzaville)
Bonghat Sinuku Tshekabu Maximilien, aka Sinatra, aka Saak Saakul (born 1943 Congo-Kinshasa, died 19 March 2023 in Paris);
Guitar: Makoso Kindundi;
Bass: Flavien Makabi ;
Saxophone: Mbole Tambwe

Formed: 1972, in Kinshasa
Style: Congolese rumba

Title Year Label Remarks
Sosoliso & Trio Madjesi 2005 Glenn Music Compilation CD
Butteur 1997 Sonodisc CD36587
Generation Force Unie 1993 Galadisk TMA001 LP
Le retour de Trio Madjesi 1984 SDI 114 LP
Photo Madjesi 1974 African 360 055 LP
Trio Madjesi vol. 2 1973 African 360 044 LP
Trio madjesi vol. 1 1973 African 360 043 LP
A sampler CD with some older songs from the 1970s:
Compilation Orchestres Congolo-Za´roise
(1967 / 1968 / 1970 / 1974)
1993 Sonodisc CD 36537 Compilation CD, with Trio Madjesi, Negro Succes, Kwamy & Les Bantous, Veve
Exceptionally, we list a few 45RPM singles:
Ngadiadia - Gestemany 1976 SOS 29 / African 91.221 45rpm
Il est méchant 1 & 2 1974 SOS 27 / African 90.859 45rpm
Olingi nasomba nini / Moussa ohoto na yo 1974 SOS 24 / African 90.791 45rpm
Carte blanche 1 & 2 1973 SOS 23 / African 90.788 45rpm
Solo albums Loko Massengo:
Tshiabuala bloque zingue 1985? BAE 4004 LP
Mille Kilos de "Bloque Zingué" 1984 Safari Sound SAS 049 LP
Non stop Tchiabuala 1983 Safari Sound SAS 041 LP
Michel Boyibanda & Loko Massengo avec L'International Orchestre Rumbaya:
Michel Boyibanda & Loko Massengo avec
L'International Orchestre Rumbaya
1981 Musiclub MC 4001 (distr. Eddyson) LP

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