Diblo Dibala & Matchatcha

Diblo Dibala became famous in the 1980s as the solo guitarist of Kanda Bongo Man. Long before that, when he was still in Zaire, he had already played with Franco's TPOK Jazz, and groups like Vox Africa and Orchestre Bella Bella.

In 1986, he left Kanda Bongo Man's band to join Loketo, a Zairean super band of that decade headed by singer Aurlus Mabele, with Mav Cacharel and Mack Macaire as other members.

In 1990, he created Matchatcha with Freddy de Majunga on rhythm guitar and Miguel Yamba on bass, as well as Antoinette Yelessa and Joelle Esso. The band name was derived from a plant of the Zairean tropical forest causing a strong burning feeling after skin contact. This is exactly what happens when listening to the music of Matchatcha, burning and steaming soukous, with the outstanding qualities of Diblo as a solo guitar player. This is music for the dancefloor!

Matchatcha underwent several personel changes over the years but Diblo Dibala managed to keep the band together.
Apart from his solo albums, he is frequently asked to work as a studio guitarist on numerous African CDs.

Diblo Dibala
Diblo Dibala 

• Matchatcha members (1993):
Diblo Dibala solo guitar, vocals
Otis Mbuta vocals
Laskin Ngomateke vocals
David Mondo vocals
Jean-Pierre Kinzaki rhythm guitar
Komba Bellow Mafwala drums
Serge Bimangou percussion
Fellyko Tchikala 'Mbuji-Mayi' bass

Born: Diblo Dibala was born 1954 in Kisangani
Style: Soukous

Title Year Label Remarks
Evolution - New Style 2015 2D Prod. 2DM00351
Tout le monde "Everybody" 2011 2D Prod. 6306-2
Special Dance 2006 2D Prod. 5470-2
Zikololo 2005 Mélodie Distribution
Ça passe ou ça casse 2003 Melodymaster
Méchant garçon 2001 JPS Production CDJPS 144
Iwooh, cris de joie 2000 Melodymaster 02111-2 Also on DDR 003
Pas Moi 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 037
Dernier jugement 1998 Melodie 08888-2 Also on DDR 002
My Love 1996 Atoll Music 8660
Best of... 1994 Afric'Music AF 057
Aimer la danse/Nyekesse 1994 Afric'Music AF 017
OK Madame 1993 Afric'Music AF 015
Laissez passer 1992 Afric'Music AF 007
Boum-tonnère 1990 Afric'Music AF 005
Albums with Loketo:
Extra Ball 1991 Shanachie SH-64028 Originaly released as Explosion in 1989
Soukous Trouble 1990 Shanachie SH-64025
Super Soukous 1989 Afric'Music Later re-released on Shanachie SH-64016
Mondo Ry 1989 JIP 41008-2
Super K - Amour et Souvenir 1987 Jimmy's production LP

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