Bana OK

Bana OK is one of the off-shoots of the legendary T.P. OK Jazz. After Franco's death in October 1989, Lutumba Simaro Massiya, alias "le poète" who was the deputy bandleader of TPOK Jazz, took over the leadership of that band. Several albums were recorded under his supervision. An uncondoned solo project by Madilu caused first problems however, and Madilu chose to leave the band. Further, the family of Franco demanded a higher share in the financial revenues of the band which was unacceptable for the remaining members, who then created another band, Bana OK. Prominent band members besides Simaro, were Rondot Kasongo wa Kasongo, Josky Kiambukuta, and Ndombe Opetum.

From 1993 onward, Bana OK recorded many albums and performed in various countries, trying to carry on the heritage of the almighty TPOK Jazz.

Things have not always been easy for the band. Malage de Lugendo and Dizzy Mandjeku left to form OK International. In 1996, Ntesa Dalienst died, and in 2002, guitarist Jerry Dialungana passed away. In recent years, Simaro stayed in Kinshasa, where he has set up a Kinshasa based Bana OK wing, whereas Josky Kiambukuta, Makoso, Ndombe Opetun, Elba Kuluma and Shakembo stayed in Paris to sort out financial problems with Solfège Music, the producer of their latest two albums.
Despite all problems, Bana OK showed a remarkable continuity, which is pretty rare in the current Congolese music scene. The recent death of prominent members will probably change things. Joseph Kiambukuta Londa (Josky) died on 7 March 2021 in Clinique Ngaliema in Kinshasa, and Simaro Massiya Lutumba died 30 March 2019 in Paris.

Bana OK
Bana OK  

Formed: 4 January 1994, in Brussels
Style: Congolese rumba, odemba

Title Year Label Remarks
Procès 2004 Solfège Universel 89802 Simaro Massiya & Bana OK
Bula Ntulu 2004 Solfège Universel 89801 Ndombe Opetum & Bana OK
Interpellation 2001 Compils Production 3-track maxi-single CD
Top Overdose 2000
Show à Paris vol. 2 1999 Air B.Mas Production/ Debs Music Live
Show à Paris vol. 1 1999 Air B.Mas Production/ Debs Music Live
Ingratitude 1999 Ets. Ndiaye ND070CD Lutumba Simaro & Bana OK
Dernier avertissement 1999 Sans Frontières SF011 Josky Kiambukuta & Bana OK
Touchez jouer 1998 Jacko Productions JP00798
N'importe quoi 1997 Sonima Shakembo & Bana OK
Tonnerre Show 1997 Sonodisc CD79811
Trahison 1997 Ets. Ndiaye ND043CD Lutumba Simaro & Bana OK; also released on Stern's USA (1998)
Les quatre opérations 1995 Sonodisc CD65058 Lutumba Simaro & Bana OK
Faute ya Commerçant 1995 Sonodisc CD65057 Lutumba Simaro & Bana OK
Cabinet Molili 1994 Sonodisc
Albums by Rondot (recorded before the creation of Bana OK but using its name):
Bakitani 1993 Stern's STCD 1042

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