Yaya Diallo

Yaya Diallo, is a musician, a master percussionist, but also composer, healer, teacher and author of the book The healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings. Son of a Peul father and a Minianka mother, he grew up with the sound of drums and of the balafon, the instrument frequently played by the Minianka. Thanks to his mother, from the Berthé family (hunters, musicians but also often canton chiefs), he was exposed to the fruits of the musicians from the former Zangasso canton. The musician and healer, Nangapè Koné became his mentor.

A scolarship brought Yaya Diallo to Canada in 1967, where he graduated in chemistry in 1973. Although he started a career in chemisty, his interest in traditional music was triggered during a festival in Quebec. In 1976, he returned to music, and he created two groups, Djembe-Kan and Cléba. His debut album, « Nangapè », now reissued on CD, reconciles in an exceptional way the flute from his Peul (Fulani) background and the sound of the balafon.

Album cover 'Nangapè'
 Yaya Diallo: Album cover 'Nangapè'
• Musicians on the album « Nangapè »:
Yaya Diallo djembe, balafon, dounouba, tama, conga;
Sylvain Leroux flute;

Born: 1946, in Fienso village, near Koutiala
Style: percussion music

Title Year Label Remarks
Live At Club Soda 2003 Onzou Records OZ002
Nangapè 2002 Onzou Records OZ001 CD reissue
Dombáa Folee: Minianka Medicine Music of Mali 1998 The Relaxation Company
Dounoukan 1995 Everyone's Drumming/ Onzou
The Healing Drum: African Ceremonial and Ritual Music 1990 Destiny Recordings
Nangapè 1980 Onzou Records LP
Press kit Onzou Records

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